"News is the first rough draft of history."

The Voice of the College at Florham

"News is the first rough draft of history." - The Voice of the College at Florham

Students visit U.N. and learn about infectious diseases


On the rainy morning of Nov. 6, an event hosted by the Student Global Ambassador Project gathered seventh to twelfth grade students in the Orangerie for a discussion on infectious diseases, followed by a trip to the United Nations.
Several speakers for the event covered the subjects of natural disasters, HIV, Malaria and Ebola, and included information about governmental responses to each problem in addition to the way each disease is contracted, manifested and treated. Continue reading

Membership cap limits sororities


Whenever Greek recruitment takes place on the FDU Florham Campus, interested students meet up with the current sorority and fraternity members so that both parties can see what is the right fit for them. However, for some students looking forward to rushing this year, new rules might make the process more difficult.
As of the Fall 2013 semester, a rule was put into place at the Florham Campus subjecting four major sororities that belong to the National Pan-Hellenic Council – or NPC – to a membership limit.
The effect is fully taking place this academic year. Continue reading

Gaza-Israel conflict focus of event

Student Voice Editor
Gary Darden, a professor in the Department of Social Sciences and History at FDU, opened his introduction to the recent Hot Topics panel, “Gaza and Israel: War or Peace?” by asking that everyone treat each other “with absolute respect” for the duration of the event.
Darden also made it clear that it was a student-centered event, and therefore he would “privilege student questions over non-student questions.”
The first panelist, Riad Nasser, also a professor in the Department of Social Sciences and History, said, “The recent war on Gaza can be viewed … as a transforming event, a kind of turning point in the long history of the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis.”
He went on to say “it showed the limits of the use of power, being that the mighty power of the Israeli army, or the primitive rockets of Hamas [have failed] to resolve the conflict in the region.”
Nasser believes this shows that the conflicts cannot be solved by violence and therefore should be solved by other means. Continue reading

The Equalizer’ review: Entertaining but slow-moving at times

Entertainment Editor
Let’s face it: movies based on television shows rarely live up to or even come close to the original. The only ones I can think of that have been remotely successful as well as entertaining were Tom Cruise’s “Mission: Impossible” franchise or 2010’s “The A-Team,” which, unlike a few other opinions, I thought was a stupidly entertaining film.
So imagine my surprise when I first saw the trailer for “The Equalizer” and found myself actually looking forward to it.
“The Equalizer” is an adaptation of the television show that ran from 1985 to 1989. The show followed Robert McCall – played in the television show by Edward Woodward – a middle-aged retired intelligence officer who uses his skill set to help those in need and provide justice to those who deserve it. In the film adaptation, Denzel Washington portrays McCall, a retired Special Forces officer trying to live a quiet, normal life. One night, at a diner he frequently visits, he strikes up a friendship with Teri (Chloë Grace Moretz), a young girl who works as a prostitute for the Russian mob. After seeing her get badly hurt by the mob, McCall takes it upon himself to come out of his retirement and brandish his, to steal a phrase from the film “Taken,” “unique set of skills” to dish out vengeance upon the Russian mob and any of those who deserve justice.
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MAD shuttle service gone, SGA researching options


Despite the presence of signs on Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Florham Campus for the Madison Avenue Direct (MAD) shuttle service, the shuttle itself has disappeared.
The MAD shuttle was a van that drove through the Florham Campus, as well as the campuses of Drew University and the College of Saint Elizabeth, on a constant loop.
The shuttle offered students of all three universities access to downtown Madison at a low fare of $1.50 each way.
However, Dean of Students Jasmin Verem said that “service ended in May after school was done.”
Verem explained that the shuttle was a result of a three-year state-sponsored grant run through a nonprofit called TransOptions through New Jersey Transit, but there was no more funding. “The grant ran out,” he stated.
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New programs aim to help students navigate college life

Christi Peace
This semester, several new programs have been made available to Florham Campus students by the FDU Counseling and Psychological Services Department. These programs offer a range of services from helping students deal with stress to providing support and guidance with their interpersonal relationships. The regularly scheduled programs are called “Living in Harmony with Roommates,” “Pet Therapy,” “Yoga in the Italian Gardens,” “Let’s Chat!” and “Creatively Managing Stress Discussion Group.”
Stephanie Koempel, acting director of counseling and psychological services, has worked in the department for over seven years. She received her new position this summer upon the retirement of the previous director and was able to implement several ideas she had for the different programs.
“This semester we have a healing element going,” Koempel said.
One of the programs, “Pet Therapy,” allows students and even faculty and staff to come to different locations on campus throughout the semester in order to interact with certified pet therapy animals.
In previous years, it used to be that the pets would come to the school around exam times in order to help reduce students’ stress. However, the new program has dogs and cats coming once a month, and Koempel said she hopes to increase the frequency of their visits even more in the future.
“The pet therapy is a passion of mine,” said Koempel, who explained that her doctoral research was connected to the human-animal bond, as well as the healing abilities it has.
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Short story: Darkness falls following prom night

Staff Writer

Just because people have a romanticized version of prom, doesn’t mean that it isn’t magical.
It was six o’clock in the evening. I stood in my room while I got dolled up.
I dashed over to the mirror that hung on my bedroom wall above my ivory dresser. I smiled as soon as I saw myself. My long curly locks had just been re-bleached to a fabulous shade of platinum blonde. I moved my arms in front of the mirror as my eyes dropped down to my black nail polish on my fingernails. I then moved my hands to my dress to make sure everything was fine. Call it OCD, or anxiety, but I would be damned if I had a wardrobe malfunction. My eyes held a gaze with the mirror. The dress was fine. It was a black strapless dress. I liked it the second that I saw it at the local boutique shop on Main Street. My mother hated it. I suppose she thought that it was too morbid – not that I cared.
I licked my lips a little the minute they were stained in a black color. The black lipstick was a perfect match for my black dress. The gothic undertone to my prom style was marvelous. I was just drawn to darkness… Continue reading

‘Tusk’ review: Bizarre horror entry from director Smith

Entertainment Editor

As I sit here typing at this review, my first since returning from Wroxton, I realize something:
I could not have picked a stranger film for my first review back at FDU – one where I’ll never look at walruses the same way again.
In his new film “Tusk,” Kevin Smith returns to the director’s chair after being absent for three long years. Continue reading

More renovations still to come for Barn and Dreyfuss theater


Over the past year, the Fairleigh Dickinson University Florham Campus has undergone countless renovations. Some of the biggest projects include changes to two different performance spaces – The Barn and the main stage in Dreyfuss. Several members of the FDU community have worked tirelessly on the two projects, including professors and students. Continue reading