"News is the first rough draft of history."

The Voice of the College at Florham

"News is the first rough draft of history." - The Voice of the College at Florham

Review: ‘Kingsman’ an absolute blast from start to finish

Entertainment Editor

What do you get when you mix the director of films such as “Kick Ass,” “Layer Cake” and “X-Men: First Class” with the spy action movie genre?
A pretty entertaining film, as it turns out.
“Kingsman: The Secret Service,” based off of the comic book entitled “The Secret Service” by Mark Millar, focuses on young Eggsy (newcomer Taron Edgerton), a delinquent who, after getting into trouble with the law as well as his abusive stepfather, contacts the mysterious Harry Hart (Colin Firth). Continue reading

Opinion: Student analyzes lack of diversity at the Oscars

Staff Writer

By the time this article is printed, two white actors and two white actresses will have won Best Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress.
The Academy Awards, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris on Feb. 22, was expected to be one of the most entertaining nights on television.
It also had the distinction of being the whitest Oscars since 1998. For the first time since that year, the four acting categories were occupied solely by white actors and actresses. Continue reading

Review: Cumberbatch a good ‘Imitation’ of Alan Turing

Entertainment Editor

It never ceases to amaze me how good some people are with numbers. I was never great at math or numbers in general (I am a communication studies major after all), so I am always surprised when people use numbers to great effect and are able to solve complicated problems after some time or with relative ease.
Pair the story of one of the greatest mathematicians in the world with a potential Oscar-winning cast and story, and you have a great idea on your hands.
“The Imitation Game” focuses on the life of brilliant mathematician Alan Turing, played by Benedict Cumberbatch. In the midst of World War II, he attempted and (considering this is a true story, this is not a spoiler), eventually succeeded in decrypting and breaking the Nazi Enigma Machine. The machine carried out secret messages from the Nazis that contained military secrets. Continue reading

Opinion: Stop killing off characters for shock value


I have noticed a trend in more than one of my shows in which the writers continuously kill off characters for no discernible reason other than the shock value it provides. Rather than delving into a character’s development or creating a plot line that is complex enough to interest viewers, far too many writers choose to simply throw away characters with potential. It is lazy writing, plain and simple. Numerous character deaths does not equal an interesting story.
Spoiler alert: If you aren’t caught up on “The Walking Dead,” stop reading. Continue reading

Review: Satisfying first part of final ‘Hunger Games’ films

Entertainment Editor

It seems that one of the newest trends circling around Hollywood is taking the final book of a wildly successful series and stretching it out to multiple films.
“Harry Potter” was the first to have done this.
Considering that that final film made at least over a billion dollars combined, many major film studios have attempted to keep their cash cow flowing for as long as possible (i.e. the “Twilight” saga and the upcoming finale to the “Divergent” series).
This brings us to today’s topic, “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.” Continue reading

Aaliyah made-for-TV Lifetime biopic causes controversy

Staff Writer

Lifetime’s recent biopic, “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B,” seems to be the topic of much controversy.
It has been ridiculed on many Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages in the United States, and even those who are not involved in the debate are certainly well aware of it.
The movie attempts to chronicle the life of the iconic R&B artist, Aaliyah, a daunting task, especially since the star’s family refused to cooperate with Lifetime in the making of the movie.
Like every other terrible movie, “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B” was not all bad. Lifetime actually portrayed certain aspects of her life accurately, not the least of which was the almost perfect costuming. Continue reading

Internet star gets big break with first full-length movie


James Rolfe has always wanted to tell stories. His dreams were realized from the moment the video camera “brought out the beast” in him, as was described in the 2008 documentary about him, “Cinemassacre 200.” This was the art medium through which his storytelling dream would be realized. It swept his youth and continued on to his adulthood.
Growing up in the ’80s and ’90s, digital luxuries that we tend to take for granted today were non-existent. Filmmaking was a very tedious process for Rolfe growing up, but that never stopped him. It was his passion. Continue reading

Film review: ‘Horns’ is not your typical thriller

Staff Writer

The fall season typically prompts a few thriller or horror movies to be released in theaters that entice adrenaline seekers and scary-movie fans.
Following the theme of thrilling, creepy films is the new movie “Horns,” directed by Alexandre Aja (“Mirrors”). The movie was adapted from the novel by Joe Hill and seems to stick to themes of gothic fantasy and crime fiction.
The movie tells the story of Ignatius Perrish, known by everyone as Ig (Daniel Radcliffe), whose love for his girlfriend Merrin Williams (Juno Temple) has lasted since the two of them were children. Continue reading

Review: Biker television drama embarks on one final ride

Entertainment Editor

Binge watching is when users who are signed up with video streaming websites such as Netflix or Hulu take an entire TV show and try to watch every episode back-to-back until the entire show is finished. This is a relatively new phenomenon that is sweeping the Internet.
While I myself am not an avid binge watcher (I have some semblance of a life), I do dabble in it when it is necessary, such as when a show everyone has been telling me to watch begins its final season and I decide to watch it the day that the final season begins.
Enter “Sons of Anarchy.” Continue reading

Opinion: Too many superheroes in film and TV; good or bad?

Entertainment Editor

These days, superhero films and television shows are becoming all the rage, as 29 films and 11 television shows will be released over the next several years.
This humongous upswing of superhero news all began on Oct. 13, when Marvel Studios announced that Robert Downey Jr. would be joining the cast of “Captain America 3.” The story will pull inspiration from the famous “Civil War” storyline, in which Captain America fights Tony Stark.
Two days later, DC Comics unveiled their entire cinematic universe line up, which is planned from 2016 until 2020. It features a “Batman vs. Superman” movie, a Wonder Woman movie and two Justice League films.
The following week, the trailer for the Avengers sequel, “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” was released and gained 34.3 million views within 24 hours of its release. Continue reading