"News is the first rough draft of history."

The Voice of the College at Florham

"News is the first rough draft of history." - The Voice of the College at Florham

‘The Intern’ has good characters, bad ending

News Editor

The new movie “The Intern,” starring gorgeous Anne Hathaway and award-winning actor Robert De Niro, is about an older retired man trying to stay busy in his own life.

Hathaway’s character, Jules Ostin, is an independent business owner who has launched a startup online fashion warehouse. She is overworked, beyond stressed and totally in control of her company.

To Ostin’s surprise, the company took off much faster then she intended. Continue reading

The 1975 releases ‘Love Me’ single, launching band into new music era


Change is generally good, especially when it comes to creative people who put out art or work they’re passionate about. Change, however, is not always welcome in the music industry when it comes to the aesthetics or “the sound” of particular bands who don’t want to alter themselves when they hit the big time. But whether or not they like to do so, some bands accept changing with the times because it seems natural; not everything can stay the same forever. Continue reading

‘Scream Queens’ takes a satirical approach to horror

Staff Writer

I can’t do horror. I mute my TV and hide under a pillow if a commercial for a horror movie makes its way into the lineup. When I first heard about the new fall show “Scream Queens” early last summer, I was a little skeptical about it. At first, I wasn’t sure whether or not to mute my TV and hide when its commercial came on. I decided to sit through the commercial. It didn’t seem that scary and it was filled with iconic stars from my childhood. Continue reading

M. Night Shyamalan redeems himself with ‘The Visit’


Last week I went to the small theater in Madison to see “The Visit,” M. Night Shyamalan’s new horror movie. You know there is little expectation for a film when the attendance is below 10 people, but I had wanted to see this movie since it came out in early September. Shyamalan’s film career is exceptionally varied in what’s good and what’s not good. Some of his movies are fantastic, like his early hits “Unbreakable” and the famous “The Sixth Sense.” Continue reading