"News is the first rough draft of history."

The Voice of the College at Florham

"News is the first rough draft of history." - The Voice of the College at Florham

Opinion: ‘Fifty Shades’ is a dangerous depiction of BDSM


I am not a fan of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Although I have not seen the movie and don’t plan on doing so, I have read enough of the books and plenty of analytical pieces on the subject to be able to formulate an opinion on the matter. To be honest, I don’t care about the terrible dialogue/writing or the element of BDSM (which stands for bondage, domination, submission, sadism and masochism). In fact, I am actually a supporter of those who choose to partake in BDSM. It is because of the research I have done regarding that lifestyle that I take issue with its portrayal in “Fifty Shades of Grey.” To put it simply, what happens between Anastasia (Ana) Steele and Christian Grey is not even close to a healthy BDSM relationship; it’s abuse. Continue reading

Editor reflects on ‘The Breakfast Club’ 30th anniversary

News Editor

Since the 30th anniversary of “The Breakfast Club” is coming up, I thought I’d watch it again from an adult perspective. The first time I watched it I was 15, I was in high school and didn’t know half of the things I know now about school dynamics and student life.
When sitting down with a group of friends in a dorm room during the late hours of the night with the song “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” blaring through the speakers, I thought about the people I was sitting with. We all came from different walks of life. Different states, towns, family styles. Continue reading

Opinion: Winning is the only thing that matters in football

Student Voice Editor

Recently, the New England Patriots have been accused of using deflated balls in their AFC Championship win over the Indianapolis Colts. A deflated ball is easier to throw, catch and carry in harsh conditions like the ones on Championship Sunday. Of course, this news is compounded by past allegations of cheating by the Patriots and their head coach, Bill Belichick. Belichick has been caught and reprimanded before. I do not believe there is enough evidence to call foul play and no punishment has come down from the League. Innocent until proven guilty does not mean innocent until the public disagrees. Continue reading

Student finds issues with drug-detecting nail polish


n the second trimester of this year, around April, four North Carolina State University undergraduates, Ankesh Madan, Stephen Grey, Tasso Von Windheim and Tyler Confrey- Maloney, went public with their invention, “Undercover Colors.”
According to an Aug. 26 Washington Post article by Gail Sullivan, the product is a nail polish that “changes color in the presence of common date rape drugs like Rohypnol, Xanax, and GHB (Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid).”
If you were to look up undercovercolors.com, you would find that it not only solicits donations but also links you to the Facebook and Twitter pages for the invention. Continue reading

Editor reflects on Wozniak event

News Editor

On our way to the Speakers Series on Nov. 20, a group of students and I sat in the back of the quiet bus, and like many people, talked about the last time we were on a bus. It’s funny how a bus can bring back so many memories. My memories on school buses are many since my mother is a bus driver.
We also talked about our childhood and all the things we did at 5, 6, 7 years old that were different than the average small child. Like being salesmen with candy in our lunchrooms, or going against the system when saying no to the teacher, or refusing to do work because we knew that we were smarter than “the stupid worksheet.” Continue reading

Opinion: Legal drinking age should be lowered to 18

Staff Writer

The drinking age has got to be the United States’ biggest failure. The fact that the legal drinking age is 21 and not 18 needs to be examined more thoroughly.
The reality is that a lot of people under 21 still drink anyway. And you know what? I don’t endorse underage drinking since it is technically illegal, but I can’t blame people who drink that are underage. Continue reading

Student writer finds issues with poetry form

Student Voice Editor

Poetry is a wonderful art form, just like all others. It helps us understand the world around us and it helps us express feelings that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to express.
Poetry is all about efficient transfer of emotion or idea into the reader or audience. It is the shortest possible form of written work. It has all the elements of things I love, if not for a small problem: anybody can write a poem.
I have read some terrible, self-indulgent poetry over the course of my life, and have written a similar amount. Continue reading

Feminist offers perspective on male-female communication


The topic of feminism is such a broad one that I could easily write whole textbooks on the matter. However, a recent CNN video inspired me to write about a more specific thought that needs discussing: the way in which men respond to feminism and women in general. The CNN video I am referring to is of a man and woman having a debate about catcalling that was prompted by a viral video from the anti-street harassment group, Hollaback!
The video depicted clips of a woman walking around New York City for 10 hours and being harassed over 100 times. Whether the video is a true representation of harassment or not, it has sparked a lot of conversation and debate over the issue of catcalling. Continue reading

Opinion: Cafeteria food still needs improvements

News Editor

As the holidays approach, people start thinking about New Year resolutions and their plans for the upcoming year. Many start gym memberships and weight loss programs as of Jan. 1.
Every year, college students, including myself, suffer with the aftermath of Christmas cookies and eggnog when returning to school after the long break.
The problem is that once we get back, we are served Junk Food Fridays and Chicken Wing Mondays, which really isn’t a step in the right direction, it’s more of a lateral move. Knowing that the gym in the Recreation Center is open till 11 p.m. and the cardio room in Twombly is open 24 hours, students still don’t get around to working out. Many students, including myself, are in multiple clubs, and have a job on top of the classes we take. All of that makes going to the gym after a long day not on the top of the priority list. Continue reading

Opinion piece: Casual sex is a very complicated topic

Staff Writer

The idea of sex without commitment permeates several aspects of pop culture. For example, the films “No Strings Attached” and “Friends With Benefits” illustrate the idea of casual sex. Additionally, Meredith and Derek from the show, “Grey’s Anatomy” and Chuck and Blair from “Gossip Girl” were both couples that began as “just sex.”
Regardless of the examples, the idea is clear. Sex is never just sex. Continue reading