"News is the first rough draft of history."

The Voice of the College at Florham

"News is the first rough draft of history." - The Voice of the College at Florham

Review: ‘You owe it to yourself’ to go see new ‘Cinderella’ film


“Have courage and be kind.” This is the advice given to Ella by her mother as she is dying.
Kindness is a major theme in this new version of “Cinderella,” with beauty being more a matter of what is on the inside than on the out. This is also a very sound piece of advice and one that really spoke to me as I was watching this film with my mother and sister. Continue reading

Women’s basketball team heads to NCAA tournament


While some college basketball teams might think winning a conference championship would be a pretty big deal, it’s something the Florham Campus’ women’s basketball team has come to expect of itself.
As Marc Mitchell, head coach of the team, explained, “it’s a culture we’ve developed here at FDU ... winning our conference now is just an expectation of ours. It’s not a goal anymore. Our goal is to win the national championship.” Continue reading

Panelists discuss glass ceiling for Women’s History Month

Digital Manager

March is Women’s History Month in America, and to kick off the month’s series of events at the Florham Campus, Becton College and Campus Life hosted a “Breaking the Glass Ceiling” panel discussion on March 4.
The event took place at 7 p.m. in Lenfell Hall and featured five women panelists who are professionals in their fields. The room was crowded with slightly under 100 people, a majority of the audience being women. Continue reading

Florham Campus introduces new leadership program

Staff Writer

Beginning this semester, Lona Whitmarsh, associate professor of psychology; Jennifer Lehr, assistant dean of Becton College; and Patricia Melloy, associate professor of biology, have unveiled the Becton College Leadership Network on the Florham Campus.
The new program aims to enhance the leadership skills of students.
Melloy enjoyed being part of a similar program during her years as an undergraduate student at Loyola College and wanted to provide the same benefits for FDU students. Continue reading

Theater students face competitive grad school application process

Staff Writer

In an already competitive job market, theater is still one of the most competitive businesses out there. After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from an undergraduate program, an actor has the option either to pursue a Master’s Degree (MFA) in the same field or to brave the world of Actor’s Equity, auditions and endless rejection without the expertise of an MFA education.
“If you want to be good at something, you might as well try to be the best at something,” said Nolan Hennelly, a senior acting major. Continue reading

Review: Blomkamp’s ‘Chappie’ is flawed, but still enjoyable

Entertainment Editor

Neill Blomkamp is one of the more interesting sci-fi directors out there.
Beginning in 2009 with his breakout debut feature, “District 9,” the South African director has become a unique voice among science fiction directors. His films have action, but are usually accompanied by some kind of deeper social meaning. “District 9” was about apartheid with aliens while “Elysium” was about the 99% versus the 1%.
This brings us to Blomkamp’s third feature as a director, “Chappie.” Continue reading

FDU theater students to perform ‘Merrily We Roll Along’


The Stephen Sondheim musical, “Merrily We Roll Along,” will be performed at the Florham Campus beginning March 27. The musical will be presented by the Visual and Performing Arts Department, with FDU students serving as both the actors and production/tech team.
The musical follows the story of Franklin Shepard’s attempts to achieve wealth and success in show business over the span of three decades. Shepard is a “disheartened, middle-aged songwriter,” according to a press release prepared in advance of the show. The role of Shepard is played by senior Nolan Hennelly. Continue reading

Student questions level of safety on Florham Campus

News Editor

After doing a research paper on the Columbine shooting for my News Editing class, I’ve been thinking about safety on school grounds. As this is my first year at FDU, I have felt less safe here than I did at my community college. Even though there is a 24-hour public safety service here on campus, they are extremely lenient. Since I am a little older than some students on campus, I have a little more knowledge in self-defense. After 11 p.m. on some nights here at FDU, half of the campus is shut down. But as some students don’t know, students can go into the academic buildings, especially the Mansion, later than 11. As someone who has spent some time in the Mansion at night, it is kind of creepy. Continue reading

More short stories: Albert Jones, frequent flier extraordinaire

Student Voice Editor

Albert Jones waited for another offer. He knew that the next offer would be worth taking and his flight was in 20 minutes. The woman at the desk frowned, picked up the phone, and spoke, “We are offering a five hundred dollar travel voucher, five hundred miles, a meal voucher, a breakfast voucher, and hotel accommodations until the next available flight.”
Albert stood up. He had strategically placed himself in order to be the first person to accept an offer. He heard a low murmur amongst the assembled men and women. Husbands quietly debated wives. It was a good offer. He walked to the desk and accepted it. Continue reading