"News is the first rough draft of history."

The Voice of the College at Florham

"News is the first rough draft of history." - The Voice of the College at Florham

Personal essay: Student reflects on an emotional summer

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It was Friday, May 23, 2014. I had been home from Fairleigh Dickinson University for over a week. My dad and I sat in chairs in my mom’s hospital room. Her latest visit to hell was due to a combination of factors related to her declining health.
A woman in a white lab coat shuffled into the room. I knew who it was immediately.
After a minute or two of general conversation about how my mom felt that day, it was time for my mom’s oncologist to have “the talk.”
“I think that it’s time to stop treatment,” she said. “You are getting all of the nasty side effects of the chemo but none of the benefits. It’s time to focus on getting you home and having hospice.” Continue reading

The Wroxton experience: The hardest part is coming home


Flying on a commercial flight for the first time in my life was an incredible way to begin my journey at Wroxton. I sat next to a fellow student, and as we took off, he and I stared out the window until the ground was thousands of feet away. As the flight progressed and the world turned pitch black around us, I was able to see more stars than I had ever seen before in my life thanks to the utter darkness of the ocean.
That was only one of the many firsts I would have on my trip. Continue reading

Relaunch of online platform shows how FDU connects


With the current economy and rate of unemployment, many students worry about finding a job upon graduation. Often students are told that finding connections through networking and asking advice from people within the field are the keys to getting the career they want.
In July, the Alumni Relations and Career Development departments at Fairleigh Dickinson joined together with ProConvos to re-launch an online platform called FDU Connects to help students find those connections. The website allows FDU alumni to reach out to current students in order to give them advice on their futures. Continue reading

Hot Topics discussion focuses on feral cats’ impact on biodiversity

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This past Earth Day, April 22, a rather interesting and unique Hot Topics took place, focusing on feral cats and their impact on biodiversity.

The panel included a mixture of activists and academics: Morgan Bal, a biology major; Cailin O’Connor, a biology lecturer; Bryan Kortis, a program manager at Pet Smart Charities; and Peter Wolf, a Cat Initiatives Analyst from the Best Friends Animal Society. The moderator was Brian Olechnowski, assistant professor of biology at FDU. Continue reading

FDU campuses participate in United Nations videoconference

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The campuses of Fairleigh Dickinson University recently took part in a United Nations Pathways videoconference, “The Role of Civil Society in the Post-2015 Agenda.”

The discussion, held April 8, included Jeffrey Huffines, CIVICUS U.N. representative; Ahmad Kamal, who worked in diplomatic affairs in Pakistan; and a research fellow at Columbia University. Students from the College at Florham participated in the videoconference from a room in the Dreyfuss building. Continue reading

SAGA’s Day of Silence tradition seeks to raise awareness at FDU

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The Straight and Gay Alliance is continuing a tradition of educating students with its Day of Silence Week.

Emily Moratti, the president of SAGA, cites the importance of annually remembering this cause. The actual Day of Silence is tomorrow, but SAGA has hosted events all week.

“The week is to help people be more aware of the horrors LGBT people face everyday,” Moratti said. Continue reading