"News is the first rough draft of history."

The Voice of the College at Florham

"News is the first rough draft of history." - The Voice of the College at Florham

Theater Department to perform historical drama, ‘The Crucible’

Digital Manager

After the recent musical production, “Merrily We Roll Along,” the theater department at Fairleigh Dickinson will finish its spring theater season off with “The Crucible” in early May.

This rendition of the classic Arthur Miller play is being directed by Chris Clavelli, who directed “The Laramie Project – 10 Years Later” last year.

The plot of “The Crucible” is inspired by the actual historical event known as the Salem Witch Trials. Continue reading

Discussion addresses consent and sexual assault prevention


As part of Women’s History Month, Becton College and the SGA hosted a Hot Topics event involving a viewing of the documentary, “Spitting Game: The College Hookup Culture,” as well as a panel discussion on the topic of sexual consent on college campuses.

Nearly every seat in Lenfell Hall was filled at the March 24 event, which was led by three professors, Francesca Degiuli, Lona Whitmarsh and Monifa Brinson-Mulraine. The event also involved three student panelists, Anneliese Aberg-Scalzo, Lauren Mekal and Alex Zaki. Continue reading

Rothman Institute to rebrand and celebrate 25th anniversary


In 1989, real estate entrepreneur George Rothman and his wife, Phyllis, contributed a generous sum of money toward the founding of the Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurship at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Silberman College of Business. The institute, which educates people about entrepreneurship and supports New Jersey businesses, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The anniversary event, taking place on April 2, will honor several innovative entrepreneurs and supporters of the institute. Continue reading

Opinion: Florham Campus is safer than it appears to be

Student Voice Editor

In response to the Student Voice piece published on March 12 concerning safety on campus, I have several criticisms. I am concerned that the piece leads to a false conclusion, that the students on campus should be afraid of their neighbors and members of the community, that we are in danger from strangers that go bump in the night, that we should be afraid, we should be very afraid. For me, some points in the article bordered on fear mongering. Continue reading

Opinion: Student reacts to seminar on gender balanced leadership


When people think of the word “feminism,” it’s typically in relation to people like Hillary Clinton and Emma Watson or topics such as stereotypes and rape. But it’s not every day that you hear about gender in business.

In March, Kevin Maggiacomo, president and C.E.O. of the commercial real estate firm Sperry Van Ness International Corporation, came to the Florham Campus and spoke to a small crowd of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty members and businesspeople about the concept of “gender balance,” which has recently shaped his company’s structure. Continue reading

FDU celebrates 50th anniversary of Wroxton College

Entertainment Editor

It has been 50 years since Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Wroxton College in England first opened its doors to students. The university will be hosting events this year in both England and the United States in order to bring together Wroxton alumni, raise money for the England campus and celebrate 50 years of providing a study abroad experience for students.

Wroxton College provides the opportunity to live in another country for FDU students and others who wish to spend a semester studying in England. Continue reading

Review: ‘You owe it to yourself’ to go see new ‘Cinderella’ film


“Have courage and be kind.” This is the advice given to Ella by her mother as she is dying.

Kindness is a major theme in this new version of “Cinderella,” with beauty being more a matter of what is on the inside than on the out. This is also a very sound piece of advice and one that really spoke to me as I was watching this film with my mother and sister. Continue reading

Women’s basketball team heads to NCAA tournament


While some college basketball teams might think winning a conference championship would be a pretty big deal, it’s something the Florham Campus’ women’s basketball team has come to expect of itself.

As Marc Mitchell, head coach of the team, explained, “it’s a culture we’ve developed here at FDU … winning our conference now is just an expectation of ours. It’s not a goal anymore. Our goal is to win the national championship.” Continue reading

Panelists discuss glass ceiling for Women’s History Month

Digital Manager

March is Women’s History Month in America, and to kick off the month’s series of events at the Florham Campus, Becton College and Campus Life hosted a “Breaking the Glass Ceiling” panel discussion on March 4.

The event took place at 7 p.m. in Lenfell Hall and featured five women panelists who are professionals in their fields. The room was crowded with slightly under 100 people, a majority of the audience being women. Continue reading

Florham Campus introduces new leadership program

Staff Writer

Beginning this semester, Lona Whitmarsh, associate professor of psychology; Jennifer Lehr, assistant dean of Becton College; and Patricia Melloy, associate professor of biology, have unveiled the Becton College Leadership Network on the Florham Campus.

The new program aims to enhance the leadership skills of students.

Melloy enjoyed being part of a similar program during her years as an undergraduate student at Loyola College and wanted to provide the same benefits for FDU students. Continue reading