"News is the first rough draft of history."

The Voice of the College at Florham

"News is the first rough draft of history." - The Voice of the College at Florham

Student writer finds issues with poetry form

Student Voice Editor

Poetry is a wonderful art form, just like all others. It helps us understand the world around us and it helps us express feelings that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to express.
Poetry is all about efficient transfer of emotion or idea into the reader or audience. It is the shortest possible form of written work. It has all the elements of things I love, if not for a small problem: anybody can write a poem.
I have read some terrible, self-indulgent poetry over the course of my life, and have written a similar amount. Continue reading

Feminist offers perspective on male-female communication


The topic of feminism is such a broad one that I could easily write whole textbooks on the matter. However, a recent CNN video inspired me to write about a more specific thought that needs discussing: the way in which men respond to feminism and women in general. The CNN video I am referring to is of a man and woman having a debate about catcalling that was prompted by a viral video from the anti-street harassment group, Hollaback!
The video depicted clips of a woman walking around New York City for 10 hours and being harassed over 100 times. Whether the video is a true representation of harassment or not, it has sparked a lot of conversation and debate over the issue of catcalling. Continue reading

Opinion: Cafeteria food still needs improvements

News Editor

As the holidays approach, people start thinking about New Year resolutions and their plans for the upcoming year. Many start gym memberships and weight loss programs as of Jan. 1.
Every year, college students, including myself, suffer with the aftermath of Christmas cookies and eggnog when returning to school after the long break.
The problem is that once we get back, we are served Junk Food Fridays and Chicken Wing Mondays, which really isn’t a step in the right direction, it’s more of a lateral move. Knowing that the gym in the Recreation Center is open till 11 p.m. and the cardio room in Twombly is open 24 hours, students still don’t get around to working out. Many students, including myself, are in multiple clubs, and have a job on top of the classes we take. All of that makes going to the gym after a long day not on the top of the priority list. Continue reading

Field hockey player recounts historic season


Together we will. That is our mission, and that is our motivator. These are the three words that we, the members of the FDU field hockey team, vowed to play by at the beginning of the season, and these are the words that helped us get to where we are today. Every year, we come up with one main goal for the season, and this year it was to win a MAC Championship on our home field. So when our season ended with a winning record in the conference, we were presented what we had worked for: the trophy, on our own turf. Continue reading

Speakers Series features Alan Alda discussing life and career

News Editor

Alan Alda, a director, screenwriter and actor, took the stage Oct. 30 at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, at the second Speakers Series event presented by Fairleigh Dickinson University.
One of the Emmy-winner’s best known roles was Hawkeye Pierce in the hit show “M*A*S*H.”
During the discussion, Alda spoke about the moments in his life that made him appreciate life more and realize that he is happy with the hand he was given. One of those moments was when he was diagnosed with a serious medical condition and was forced to look at his life from a different perspective. Continue reading

Representative discusses U.N. Alliance of Civilizations

Staff Writer

On Oct. 29, Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, a United Nations High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations, gave an informal discussion in Lenfell Hall about the mission of the organization and how it has responded to diplomatic issues throughout the world.
Al-Nasser had this talk with Jason Scorza, vice provost for academic and international affairs. Attendees from both Fairleigh Dickinson campuses, along with outside guests, were invited to hear the discussion.
The discussion focused on the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, which Al-Nasser was representing as the lead speaker. According to the event pamphlet, Al-Nasser was a highly credible speaker, having experience in diplomacy. Continue reading

Yik Yak causes controversy


Yik Yak, an app meant to be an anonymous social media platform, was released last year and has since caused some controversy. FDU students themselves have had mixed experiences with the app.
According to a March 21 article on dailydot.com., the app was launched by Tyler Droll and Brooks Buffington, two fraternity brothers who attended Furman University.
The app connects to the user’s location and allows said user to connect with other users in the area and post their thoughts on local events. Continue reading

Opinion piece: Casual sex is a very complicated topic

Staff Writer

The idea of sex without commitment permeates several aspects of pop culture. For example, the films “No Strings Attached” and “Friends With Benefits” illustrate the idea of casual sex. Additionally, Meredith and Derek from the show, “Grey’s Anatomy” and Chuck and Blair from “Gossip Girl” were both couples that began as “just sex.”
Regardless of the examples, the idea is clear. Sex is never just sex. Continue reading

Editor reacts to recent FDU Speakers Series event

Student Voice Editor

The second installment of Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Speakers Series featured Alan Alda. The New Jersey Performing Arts Center was filled almost to capacity. Alda spoke about lessons learned over a long life of acting, activism, and adventures that frequently led to near-death experiences. What struck me most is that Alda was able to share his wisdom without being didactic. He exemplified his championed cause of helping scientists communicate with the public by being a great communicator.
Alan Alda argued that being famous is not the key to happiness. He said, “Being rich is way better than being famous.” Who wants the trappings of fame when you can be rich? It seems that being famous has way too many strings attached, while being rich does not. I happen to agree. Continue reading

Reflections on scheduling; student advises choosing wisely


It’s that time of year again when FDU students are scrambling to put together a schedule for next semester. The classes chosen now will determine the amount of the student’s stress, sleep and sanity for three and a half months. So I figured I would explain my experiences this semester to emphasize the importance of choosing your schedule wisely.
Although I am now taking 16 credits, I had originally planned on taking 18. It’s a good thing the number of courses went down, because the extra work would have been overwhelming. Continue reading