"News is the first rough draft of history."

The Voice of the College at Florham

"News is the first rough draft of history." - The Voice of the College at Florham

Letter to the editors: Reader responds to coverage of recreation trail

To the editors:

Students of FDU use the term “Rape Trail” in jest. The Traction Line Recreation Trail was given this title because there are many hiding places, nowhere to run and most importantly there are no lights. It is the ideal place for any type of assault. But to say that it is not dangerous at all because nothing has happened yet is the most ignorant thing to say. It is because nothing has happened yet that the term “Rape Trail” has remained a joke.

The joking, however, should stop because the “Rape Trail” is a disaster waiting to happen.

You don’t look at a ticking bomb and say that it can cause no harm because it has no history of causing any. You cut the wires before it can explode. It is up to the school to protect its students. We need to be proactive instead of reactive. To acknowledge the risks of the recreation trail and then excuse them is an embarrassment. Put lights there to make it safer! Don’t wait for the bomb to go “BOOM” and then wonder why it happened.

Don’t bat away the notion by saying “Call Public Safety,” then adding that they’re not supposed to provide services outside of campus. “Yes, I am but a feeble person, who needs an escort to the train station, so I may be protected from all who wish to prey on me.” This is not the type of thinking that should be encouraged. If you are scared, then yes! Please call them. But you shouldn’t have to feel scared at all.

Holly Anderson

Lhota and de Blasio run for the ‘second toughest job in America’

Student Voice Editor

It is perhaps the most sought after office in the land after the presidency. It deals with eight million constituents and 51 council members, appoints seven deputy mayors, contends with a $70 billion annual budget and a myriad of unions and requires being New York City’s biggest cheerleader. Not to mention that it means being called “hizzoner” in the press.

In November, New Yorkers will vote for their next mayor. In the Republican corner is Joseph Lhota, the former head of the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), the authority that everyone loves to hate while relying on it every day. In the Democratic corner is Bill de Blasio, coming from the office of Public Advocate, the office few people know about.
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Action must be taken as student debt rises to over $1 trillion

Staff Writer

We are in a time of crisis, a time of austerity, a time where the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer at a faster pace than any other time in recent US history. We have gone from having a well-functioning economy to a real unemployment rate of 14.5 percent. During all of this, the situation has greatly affected college students, who are taking on massive debt just to further their education.

With student debt now being over $1 trillion, an examination is underway of how we have gotten into this scenario and how we can get our way out of it.
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Friends of Florham group preserves grounds, seeks student involvement


Hennessy Hall, known throughout campus as the Mansion, has stood as an icon for the university and its members throughout the years. Once home to the Twombly family, it now serves as a familiar location for classes, offices, and events for Fairleigh Dickinson staff and students. To help preserve the property, the Friends of Florham
group was created.

Since its formation, the group has advised and assisted the Board of Trustees and the administration in preserving the grounds of the Twombly estate, according to Linda Meister, president of the Friends of Florham.
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New funding makes filming events possible for FDU TV


Those who attended the Club Fair back in September may have seen a few students walking around with a camera and microphone, interviewing multiple different club members about their organizations. Those interviewers are members of a fairly new organization at the College at Florham, called FDU TV. Although it was created about a year ago, it has only begun to gain attention recently.

Last month, the club held an interest meeting in Dreyfuss. About six or seven students were present, while head of the club, Michael Posner, stated that several members were unable to attend. During the meeting, the club’s first video of the semester played in the background.
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Theater students inconvenienced by lack of renovations to the Barn


Theater students at the College at Florham were promised a brand-new, modern performance space for the start of the Fall 2013 semester. So far, that promise has not been fulfilled, since the building plans for the new space have yet to be approved by Florham Park borough officials.

As a result of this suspension of plans, students lack both a performance and classroom space.
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Young FDU alumni offer career advice during panel discussion

News Editor

With the U.S. economy suffering for many years, jobs have become more and more difficult to attain. For recent graduates looking to find careers in their chosen fields, being released into the job market without prior experience, advice or connections can make it all the more difficult. On Oct. 10, a panel of FDU alumni provided insight and stories of personal experience with the jobs they have held.

Although the panelists were all communication studies majors with mostly related careers, much of the advice they shared was relevant to all majors – really anyone who is or will be seeking a job.
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Festival returns to Florham, makes its debut at Metropolitan campus


This year, FDU’s popular words and music festival, WAMFEST, will be a bit different from past festivals, as a result of the event branching out. Instead of only taking place at the Madison campus, the festival also will be hosted at the Metropolitan campus for the first time.

The theme for this year is “The Appalachian Heritage.” WAMFEST, which will take place next week, will feature “a series of performances designed to celebrate the contributions of Appalachia to American music and literature, while at the same time highlighting the need to protect the heritage and mountains that gave birth to these arts,” according to the FDU website.
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Review: ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’

Student Voice Editor

By now we all know the story about how J.K. Rowling managed to pull herself out of what she considered rock-bottom to become one of the wealthiest women in the world – all with the idea of a skinny kid who has magical powers.

Rowling has continued her success with her new novel, “The Cuckoo’s Calling.”
The novel, which takes place in contemporary London, has Detective Cormoran Strike looking into the suicide of Lula “Cuckoo” Landry, a supermodel whose death even had, hypothetically, the BBC talking about it. Landry’s adoptive brother, John, asks Strike to take up the case, utterly convinced it was murder.
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