"News is the first rough draft of history."

The Voice of the College at Florham

"News is the first rough draft of history." - The Voice of the College at Florham

Opinion: Legal drinking age should be lowered to 18

Staff Writer

The drinking age has got to be the United States’ biggest failure. The fact that the legal drinking age is 21 and not 18 needs to be examined more thoroughly.

The reality is that a lot of people under 21 still drink anyway. And you know what? I don’t endorse underage drinking since it is technically illegal, but I can’t blame people who drink that are underage. Continue reading

Opinion piece: Casual sex is a very complicated topic

Staff Writer

The idea of sex without commitment permeates several aspects of pop culture. For example, the films “No Strings Attached” and “Friends With Benefits” illustrate the idea of casual sex. Additionally, Meredith and Derek from the show, “Grey’s Anatomy” and Chuck and Blair from “Gossip Girl” were both couples that began as “just sex.”

Regardless of the examples, the idea is clear. Sex is never just sex. Continue reading

Poetry Point

By Sarah Van Clef

“She was just seventeen,” my teacher said
as she sobbed in front of our eighth grade
English class.
We didn’t know what hall
she was traveling down,
we didn’t want to interrupt.
The silence bounced off Walt Whitman’s face,
the salt water melting through his white beard
we all looked for some answers in the dull poster.
He was the man who discovered the world,
if only we could travel
through The Leaves of Grass.
We watched our teacher grab her coat and leave
with the twenty eight chairs full, not looking back.
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Short story: A complicated past in a small town

Staff Writer

A gust of wind howled in the background as Liam walked up to the bar. He was currently standing on the massive acres of the Ridge Brook Country Club. It was the annual Founder’s Day Party. Liam grabbed a pre poured glass of champagne that was on the bar counter. The liquid fell into his mouth as a burning sensation pricked his throat. It wasn’t long before the alcohol trickled down into his stomach. A scorching sensation lingered for another moment. Continue reading

Personal essay: Student reflects on an emotional summer

Staff Writer

It was Friday, May 23, 2014. I had been home from Fairleigh Dickinson University for over a week. My dad and I sat in chairs in my mom’s hospital room. Her latest visit to hell was due to a combination of factors related to her declining health.
A woman in a white lab coat shuffled into the room. I knew who it was immediately.
After a minute or two of general conversation about how my mom felt that day, it was time for my mom’s oncologist to have “the talk.”
“I think that it’s time to stop treatment,” she said. “You are getting all of the nasty side effects of the chemo but none of the benefits. It’s time to focus on getting you home and having hospice.” Continue reading

Story: Friends are not always forever, phony doesn’t cut it


Stefan Paine. He has two distinct personalities. One incident will be burned in my mind forever though.

It happened six years ago one morning during the fall semester of my sophomore year at Davidson University… I walked up the gigantic stairs to the academic buildings as I felt the humid breeze against my face. Once I got to the top stair, I bumped into Stefan.
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Personal Essay: I Have a Dan Humphrey Complex


People might knock the television show Gossip Girl, which was a show that ran for six seasons from 2007-2012 on the CW Network, but there is actually a lot of truth to the show. For instance, one of the main characters, Dan Humphrey, lives in Brooklyn and constantly feels like an outsider on the Upper East Side. It doesn’t matter that he has an on-again-off again relationship with it-girl Serena van der Woodsen and is best friends with Nate Archibald. The fact is that Dan is always carrying a chip on his shoulder simply because he feels like he never fits in.

For example, one of the show’s main antagonists Blair Waldorf constantly criticizes Dan even though for a while she never really knew him. And it didn’t even matter when Dan became a successful writer; he was still looked down upon since, as Dan mentions in the last episode, the Upper East Side was so elite you couldn’t even buy your way in.
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Personal essay: The day that forever changed my life


Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012. It was truly the day that changed my life.

The morning started out like any other. I look forward to talking to my parents and I called them around mid-morning from the Student Center at FDU. I could not help but feel a little surprised after I was told to call back in an hour, though. Initially, I shrugged it off to the fact that I might not have called at the most opportune time to chat and didn’t think much of it. But as I look back on the whole ordeal now, it made total sense. Little did I know, the biggest bombshell of my life was about to be dropped on me.

I called back in an hour and was still looking forward to talking to my parents.

“I have some good news and bad news,” said my mom.
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