"News is the first rough draft of history."

The Voice of the College at Florham

"News is the first rough draft of history." - The Voice of the College at Florham

MAD shuttle service gone, SGA researching options


Despite the presence of signs on Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Florham Campus for the Madison Avenue Direct (MAD) shuttle service, the shuttle itself has disappeared.
The MAD shuttle was a van that drove through the Florham Campus, as well as the campuses of Drew University and the College of Saint Elizabeth, on a constant loop.
The shuttle offered students of all three universities access to downtown Madison at a low fare of $1.50 each way.
However, Dean of Students Jasmin Verem said that “service ended in May after school was done.”
Verem explained that the shuttle was a result of a three-year state-sponsored grant run through a nonprofit called TransOptions through New Jersey Transit, but there was no more funding. “The grant ran out,” he stated.
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New programs aim to help students navigate college life

Christi Peace
This semester, several new programs have been made available to Florham Campus students by the FDU Counseling and Psychological Services Department. These programs offer a range of services from helping students deal with stress to providing support and guidance with their interpersonal relationships. The regularly scheduled programs are called “Living in Harmony with Roommates,” “Pet Therapy,” “Yoga in the Italian Gardens,” “Let’s Chat!” and “Creatively Managing Stress Discussion Group.”
Stephanie Koempel, acting director of counseling and psychological services, has worked in the department for over seven years. She received her new position this summer upon the retirement of the previous director and was able to implement several ideas she had for the different programs.
“This semester we have a healing element going,” Koempel said.
One of the programs, “Pet Therapy,” allows students and even faculty and staff to come to different locations on campus throughout the semester in order to interact with certified pet therapy animals.
In previous years, it used to be that the pets would come to the school around exam times in order to help reduce students’ stress. However, the new program has dogs and cats coming once a month, and Koempel said she hopes to increase the frequency of their visits even more in the future.
“The pet therapy is a passion of mine,” said Koempel, who explained that her doctoral research was connected to the human-animal bond, as well as the healing abilities it has.
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Large freshman class arrives at FDU, shakes up campus

Student Voice Editor

It is hard to imagine a quiet cafeteria or empty hallway since the large freshman class arrived at the Florham Campus on Aug. 23.
Brian Mauro, the campus’ associate provost, explained that the class is comprised of approximately 700 new students and represents a large increase in the typical freshman class, which is usually around 600 students. Continue reading

FDU alumnus speaks with students about public relations

News Editor

Alumni of a college can be a helpful resource in providing information and advice to current students. On Thursday, Nov. 21, FDU alumnus Michael Sinatra came to the College at Florham campus to speak with undergraduates in a public relations class about his experience in the working world.

Having earned his degree in communication studies in 2006, he has made a career practicing PR. He is currently a public relations and public affairs manager and directs the PR for the Northeast region of Whole Foods Market.

He began by explaining the history of the organization, stating that Whole Foods has more than 365 stores throughout the United Kingdom, U.S. and Canada.

His job is to serve as a spokesperson, handle media relations, crises and more within his region. This includes New York, which he called the media capital of the world.
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No rest for Kindel, a College at Florham presence for 36 years


Five a.m. Buzz. Buzz.

His alarm is set to the same time every day. For Roger Kindel, Fairleigh Dickinson University’s associate athletic director and adjunct professor, there is no rest for the weary.

His office is decorated to the ceiling in various plaques and awards. He has five “Coach of the Year” awards for basketball and another five for men’s golf. Others on the wall include awards for two teams in in the Athletic Hall of Fame, five wins at the MAC Championship and another four teams that have gone on to the NCAA tournament.

“I’m very proud of them. But of course, [in order to win these awards] you need good assistants and good players,” he said.
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New program promotes university’s global mission

News Editor

Fairleigh Dickinson University is “dedicated to the preparation of world citizens through global education,” according to the FDU website. Last year, the Global Engagement program (GEO) was created to promote the global mission among undergraduates throughout the school.

It is based on a points system where students participate in relevant activities to be able to reach the level necessary to acquire a certificate of completion.
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Career counselor wins award for ‘Practitioner of the Year’


When Ryan Stalgaitis was an undergraduate student at Rutgers University, he had no idea he would become a career counselor and receive the “Practitioner of the Year” award from the New Jersey Cooperative Education and Internship Association (NJCEIA).

“What I thought I was going to do was marketing and sales and I did,” Stalgaitis said. After graduating with a degree in communication and sociology, he worked in a marketing and sales role.

“I knew I wanted to work with people. I wanted to get more out of what I was doing when working with people,” he said.
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‘Emigration Road’ staged reading highlights Irish experience

Staff Writer

It was standing room only in the Monninger Atrium as members of the College at Florham campus watched students perform “Emigration Road: A Staged Reading,” as part of the “Brooklyn” event series. The play, written by Irish poet Eamon Grennan, was performed by FDU students on Nov. 7.

Before the performance began, bagpipes were played upstairs, which received applause from the audience.
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Alumni enjoy working for alma mater


Michael Pecci graduated from the College at Florham in May, but still comes back to campus every Thursday night.

These days, he’s here to teach a class.

After completing his bachelor’s degree in communication studies in 2012 and his master’s degree in corporate and organizational communication a year later, Pecci began teaching at his alma mater.

“[The transition] was very quick. There was only a summer in between graduation and teaching a class,” he said.
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Panelists debate controversial U.S. policy on immigration

News Editor

Immigration in the United States has been a subject of controversy for hundreds of years. Whether it be targeting specific groups as “undesirables” or questioning the effect immigrants have on the country, it is still an intensely debated topic. FDU held its own debate on immigration on Nov. 5, for the second Hot Topics event of the semester.

Gary Darden, associate professor and chair of the Department of Social Sciences and History, moderated the event. He in- troduced the three panelists and said that “the topic is one that is contentious with strong arguments on both sides.”
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