"News is the first rough draft of history."

The Voice of the College at Florham

"News is the first rough draft of history." - The Voice of the College at Florham

Personal Essay: On writing


Figuring out what I wanted to do in my life wasn’t easy (and the journey to figure it out still isn’t really over). It all started in my small town’s local library where I happened to volunteer. The Writing Club that the volunteer group ran scheduled an “author” to give a presentation one afternoon the summer before I started eighth grade. The author was a suburban New Jersey mom who just happened to get her book published, but to us eighth-graders it was a huge deal to meet her and see someone who had gotten her work out there for the world to read. Continue reading

Student analyzes disappointment in repeated movie viewings


I have recently learned something about the repeated consumption of entertainment media. I have found that more often than not, when I rewatch or reread something I used to enjoy, I find myself disappointed.

There have been several instances where I decided to show a movie that I once thought was hilarious to friends of mine, only to see its jokes fall flat. It wasn’t just that my friends weren’t amused, I actually found myself losing interest as well. Continue reading

Student reflects on FDU Speakers Series opportunities

News Editor

This year FDU held its first New Jersey Speakers Series event at NJPAC in Newark. The Speakers Series featured Madeleine Albright, Alan Alda, Steve Wozniak, Olympia Snowe, David Gergen, David McCullough, and finally to wrap it all up, Dan Rather. These celebrities might not ring a bell for some undergraduates here at the university, but they are all important members of our society who have shaped the way we see things today. Continue reading

Student reflects on relevance of ‘Parks and Recreation’


TV shows shouldn’t have the power to change you, right?

They’re nothing but photons on a plasma screen, particles forming pictures that move and walk and smile. They’re scripted nonsense – dialogues strung together by some crazy guy’s overactive imagination.

They’re fantasy and fiction. Cheap jokes and storylines. Utter idiocy captured by cameras. They shouldn’t mean anything. Continue reading

Opinion: Florham Campus is safer than it appears to be

Student Voice Editor

In response to the Student Voice piece published on March 12 concerning safety on campus, I have several criticisms. I am concerned that the piece leads to a false conclusion, that the students on campus should be afraid of their neighbors and members of the community, that we are in danger from strangers that go bump in the night, that we should be afraid, we should be very afraid. For me, some points in the article bordered on fear mongering. Continue reading

Opinion: Student reacts to seminar on gender balanced leadership


When people think of the word “feminism,” it’s typically in relation to people like Hillary Clinton and Emma Watson or topics such as stereotypes and rape. But it’s not every day that you hear about gender in business.

In March, Kevin Maggiacomo, president and C.E.O. of the commercial real estate firm Sperry Van Ness International Corporation, came to the Florham Campus and spoke to a small crowd of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty members and businesspeople about the concept of “gender balance,” which has recently shaped his company’s structure. Continue reading