Campus clean up raises awareness of Earth Day

Athena Zinn

Staff Writer


In honor of Earth Day, the FDU Science Club and Green Club held their annual Campus Clean Up event on the Florham Campus. Students from different clubs and Greek Life organizations joined members of the Science and Green clubs to pick up litter around the dormitory buildings and campus walkways. The event began at 10 a.m. on April 24, when various students met on the Twombly Lounge patio before heading out to clean up the campus. Resident Assistant Austin Bock also helped sponsor the event and offered priority points to the student volunteers. “My reason for running [Campus Clean Up] is to continue to foster an FDU community by having students volunteer to create a cleaner space for themselves,” said sophomore Juster Rivera, president of Science Club. Rivera explained that the event is very important to him because of the awareness it brings to the environment and the perspective it gives to students. “This event, combining both Earth Day awareness and actual greening of the campus community, is an effective model for environmental activism. I wanted to co-organize this event with Science Club because its focus is so heavily environment-related, and because it is an attempt to get the community, not just Green and Science Club members, to appreciate our campus environment,” said sophomore Peerapol Chiaranunt, president of Green Club, which for the first time helped sponsor this event. Volunteers ate snacks provided by the two host organizations, and then put on gloves and grabbed trash bags for litter. Students split into groups to collect trash around The Village buildings, Rutherford Hall and other buildings on campus. They also cleaned grass areas around certain athletic fields. Students collected litter ranging from plastic wrappers to empty bottles, and they noticed many used cigarettes scattered all around campus. Chiaranunt explained that he hoped students would pay more attention to their own personal habits towards the environment after taking part in this event. He emphasized the importance of Earth Day and how essential it is for people to acknowledge the way they treat the planet and how effective their actions can really be in helping to solve the problem. “My wish is for most students to have such a strong habit for recycling that they would forgo disposing their plastic water bottle in a normal trash bin in favor of recycling it at a bin that might be a little bit out of their way,” said Chiaranunt. The event welcomed anyone who wanted to stop by and help whenever they could. Many students arrived to help after the 10 a.m. start time. Sophomore Tran Nguyen, a member of both clubs sponsoring the event, explained how she enjoyed seeing the FDU community come together. “It is important to clean up the campus and keep up this tradition, but it’s even more important to see people come together from different clubs and make connections,” said Nguyen. At the event’s end, students admired their hard work and celebrated by treating themselves to more snacks on the Twombly Lounge patio. Rivera hopes that this event will become an annual tradition and students will truly grow and think about the planet every day. “Our event is a small effort, but it’s an effort nonetheless, to make an impact and hopefully inform everyone about the importance of cleaning up,” said Rivera.


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