Every year, the College at Florham’s graduating class gives back to the FDU community, usually in the form of an attractive addition to an already established space on campus. This year, the graduating Class of 2013 will give back in a different way; by creating a scholarship that will help support future FDU students.

This year’s class gift is the first of its kind. According to Michael Russo, director of The Fund for FDU, “This is the first time the students have decided to give back to help other students.”
Creating this scholarship is the Class of 2013’s “chance to continue the tradition of giving back,” according to the 2013 Class Gift Campaign on It also states that the “education [that the Class of 2013] received at FDU would not have been possible without the financial support provided by FDU alumni, parents and friends.”

This year’s class gift was made possible by donations from seniors and members of the FDU community. Two graduating seniors, however, spearheaded the process.

SaKarra Fite and Alexis Camarena, two communication studies majors, “have been the driving force behind this year’s class gift,” according to Russo.

Russo added that the Class Gift representatives “have been great in spreading the word and educating the students on the importance of giving back” and their help has been “critical to the success of the class gift.”

The scholarship, called the Legacy Scholarship, is in its final stages of development. The exact financial amount depends on the amount of money raised.

The goal is to have the gift awarded to two incoming seniors in the form of two $5,000 scholarships.

The qualifications for the gift are pending. According to Camarena, the recipient “will probably need at least a 3.0 GPA, be in good judicial standing with the University and complete an essay.” Candidates should also be highly involved on campus.

Recipients will be decided sometime this summer. Fundraising will also be continued until that time. A ceremony will be held in October during Homecoming to honor the Class Gift and the recipients chosen. A Legacy Wall will be displayed in the Student Center by the entrance closest to the Perk.

Claudia Bunimovich, assistant director of The Fund for FDU, has worked closely alongside Fite and Camarena. According to Bunimovich, the wall is expected to display the results of the fundraising process. She explained that Camarena and Fite are aiming to have 100 percent class participation and that will be shown on the wall.

Past class gifts include the “Tanked” aquarium that was installed in the Pub last year, the display case in front of the Pub, the clock in front of the Student Center, the Fairleigh Dickinson sign with the Devil head in the Student Center and the renovated area by the Grill, according to Russo.

To contribute to the gift, visit the 2013 Class Gift Campaign page on Donations in the amount of $20.13 are encouraged.

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