Drake’s new playlist, ‘More Life,’ disappoints

Brandon Hayes

Staff Writer


Drake is probably one of the biggest artists in music right now. He broke one billion streams on Spotify and his last project, “Views,” had incredible success, including high sales and multiple Grammy nominations.

Now Drake has released a playlist titled “More Life.” Listening to “More Life,” I understand why it is a playlist, as opposed to an album. From my point of view, certain songs sound like songs that could be on “Views” or other previous projects but weren’t good enough to make the cut.

I’m not going to dissect every song piece by piece because there are 22 songs on the playlist, and out of the those, only a handful actually stood out to me.

The first song, “Free Smoke,” didn’t catch me at first until everyone on my timeline on Twitter tweeted, “FREE SMOKE.” Then I thought to myself, “it’s actually catchy.”

But the one thing in particular that I did not like about “Free Smoke” is that he brings up the ghostwriter rumor again.

For those of you who don’t know about the rumor, Drake and another rapper, Meek Mill, had a “beef” about two years ago.

Drake dropped the song “Back to Back” and arguably ruined Meek Mill’s career, but the one thing Meek Mill said that still seems to haunt Drake, is that Drake does not write his own music.

Although this all happened two years ago, why does Drake still talk about it if he “won” the rap battle? Is the rumor actually true, or is he running out of ideas to rap about?

One song on the album that I truly enjoyed was “Passionfruit.” I loved its dance hall rhythm and summer feel. However, the song doesn’t sound like anything new from Drake, and I felt like I had heard it before.

Right after that song is “Jorja Interlude,” which is not bad either; actually, I wish it was longer because it is one of my favorite songs on this playlist.

“Portland” (feat. Quavo and Travis Scott) is a highlight on this playlist because of the other artists it features. Drake’s part is so forgettable that I thought it was Quavo and Travis Scott’s song.

“Sacrifices” (feat. 2 Chainz and Young Thug) shows great chemistry among all three rappers.

I cannot say the same thing about the song “Glow” (feat. Kanye West).

Fans have been dreaming for these two to make a song for a long time. The problem is, it isn’t good. Kanye is trying too hard and the song sounds too messy.

Drake clearly wanted “Fake Love” to be as big as “One Dance” or “Hotline Bling,” but it is not even close to being as good as his other hits.

“More Life” is Drake’s worst project next to “Views.”

If you’re wondering why I have not talked about “Blem,” “4422,” “Gyalchester,” or “Teenage Fever,” it is because they are bad songs. Drake tries to develop new sounds that do not fit his style. When he tries to sound Jamaican it comes off corny.

On the last track of the playlist, “Do Not Disturb,” he tries to get emotional by talking about Meek Mill, who cannot maintain a relationship and is sleeping in the studio because he works too hard.

In my opinion, I say, “suck it up,” because other rappers actually have real problems. Drake is still talking about a beef he clearly won, but he is acting like he lost and wants revenge.

“More Life” is not a good playlist at all, and if you disagree, think about how much replay value this playlist actually has.

In other words, are you going to play any of these tracks in the summer? The answer is probably “no.”

I give this playlist a 4 out of 10. My favorite tracks were: “Passionfruit,” “Jorja Interlude” and “Portland.”

My least favorite tracks were  “Teenage Fever,” “Fake Love” and “No Long Talk.”

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