As a revival of Starshine, the College at Florham’s former theater group, the idea for Fairleigh Dramatics began during artistic director and senior theater major Stephanie Windland’s freshman year.

“I had no idea what [Starshine] was, but as a freshman I really wanted to join a theater group,” said Windland. “As the semester went on, I didn’t hear anything about it.”

As she met with more people in the theater department, Windland felt that there needed more to be going on with regard to theater.

Last year was when Fairleigh Dramatics started to come together.

One of her reasons for starting the theater group is because “there are so many talented people who don’t get a chance to perform.” For theater majors, one of the requirements is to perform something and Fairleigh Dramatics will give that opportunity to them.
However, it’s not just theater majors who are able to participate in Fairleigh Dramatics; it’s open to all majors.

“I feel that everyone should get their chance to perform,” said Windland.

Initially, she wanted to put together a few showcases where students could perform songs or acts from theater productions or an original play or musical. Fairleigh Dramatics is growing into something more than that.

One of the showcases they have planned for this year is a gender swap showcase for Oct. 25 and 26. In this showcase males will sing female songs or recite female monologues and vice versa.

“Because we just started, what I would love is to eventually have a fully functioning organization,” said Windland, describing her goals for the theater group. One thing that she should like to see accomplished is to have members create their own events with approval of the executive board. She also would like to have Fairleigh Dramatics host a night of one-act plays.

To those who are nervous about performing a song or scene from a play in front of an audience but would like to get involved, Windland said, “Welcome.”

She said that there are opportunities to write and direct, as well as do hair and make-up.

“I love meeting the people who are nervous and who don’t know what they want to do because that’s what’s so beautiful about theater,” Windland said.

“If you’re the type of person who really loves biology but you’ve always wanted to try to sing a song, I welcome you,” she said. “To me, everyone’s opinions and ideas matter, and that’s another beautiful thing about theater is that different ideas and different mindsets can come together and make something so wonderful.”

Fairleigh Dramatics meets Wednesdays from 5 to 6 p.m. in the Wroxton Room in the Student Center.

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