FDU Green Club plans an eventful Earth Week

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This month, members of FDU’s Green Club are working to create a more green atmosphere on the Florham Campus. The students are planning several events and activities for the days leading up to Earth Day (April 22), and for the week after.

According to Peerapol Chiaranunt, a sophomore biology major and president of the organization, “Green Club is the student body that strives to improve environmental awareness and responsibility on campus.”

Green Club participates in environmental cleanups and other activities in the surrounding area.

“Without the demonstrated support of students, the environmental projects of passionate faculty members… lack teeth. A significant role that we currently play is that of a liaison between visionary faculty members… and the student populace,” Chiaranunt said.

Chiaranunt sees his position as Green Club’s president as integral to the organization functioning as liaison. He said, “if the club were a bicycle… the presidency would be akin to its frame. The president keeps each part interconnected and intercommunicating.”

Chiaranunt works to constantly pass information and ideas from the faculty to the members, and later to the FDU student body.

In the past, Green Club has organized several events on and off campus, with varying levels of student involvement.

During the Fall 2016 semester, Green Club organized on-campus DIY events, during which students learned “the creative use of simple household items to make more household items,” Chiaranunt stated.

They also worked with AmeriCorps Watershed, which works to raise awareness of the human impact on New Jersey water quality. Together, they analyzed the biota of a portion of the Whippany River, and removed invasive plant species from several local communities.

This semester, Green Club has continued to be active on and off campus. In conjunction with the Science Club, they organized a trip to the Museum of National History. Green Club also installed bird boxes throughout the Florham Campus to promote biodiversity and created Seedballs, which stabilize shorelines and promote biodiversity, with the Harbor LAB institution.

Currently, the club is working to create an accredited arboretum on campus and to maintain a flower garden located behind the Park Avenue Residence Halls.

Green Club has also planned several events for Earth Week, which began with a campus clean-up on April 19 that will continue through Earth Day.

During the following week, Green Club members will perform several activities, including an invasive plant removal on April 25, a succulent plant seed sale on the 26th and an environmental Haiku on the 27th.

The club also will host a presentation by Amy Laff, a representative of Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, on the evening of the environmental Haiku.

On the final day of Earth Week, April 28, Green Club will host a tree walk, a presentation and planting of a medicinal garden and a planting of native plants around campus.

Chiaranunt believes that Earth Week will be extremely productive week for Green Club. He hopes that through these and other activities, Green Club can raise awareness and inspire passion for the environment among FDU students.

According to Crystal Mistry, a junior business major and member of Green Club, the organization is “highly active and participates in educating as well as taking sustainable steps in making a positive impact for the environment.”

In the future, the leaders of Green Club hope to increase the organization’s campus impact by creating an on-campus compost program and starting a student-run bike rental service.

The club meets on Thursdays at 8 p.m. in the Twombly Lounge. For more information, students may contact fdugreenclub@gmail.com

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