FDU radio club hosts talk-a-thon

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On April 20, the Florham Campus radio club hosted a talk-athon, during which various FDU students spent almost the entire day speaking about a variety of topics on the student-run radio.

This was far from a normal day on the FDU radio. On a normal day, long periods of music from a playlist created by students are interspersed with a few half-hour or hour-long talk shows.

The talk-a-thon was much different. There were students in the studio broadcasting talk shows from 1 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

The talk-a-thon began with Serena Brown, a freshman communication studies major, and her entertainment segment. According to Nick DiCostanzo, the president of the radio club, Brown’s talk “covered a variety of different movies, both past and present.”

After Brown’s hour-long program, DiCostanzo, a junior communication studies major; Joe Berg, a sophomore communication studies major; and Nick Falato, a sophomore sports administration major, did a segment called “FDU Sports Talk.”

During the segment, which went on from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., DiCostanzo, Berg and Falato discussed the NFL and NBA playoffs, MLB opening week and the NFL draft. According to DiCostanzo, they “covered all major headlines in the world of sports.”

At 4 p.m., Dylan Goldstone, a freshman communication studies major, began the only musical segment of the day. He broadcast music for an hour, sticking mostly with classic rock, which he described as his favorite genre.

Immediately after Goldstone’s segment, Marlise Silva, a sophomore, invited several other FDU students to discuss body image issues permeating American society.

She spoke about body expectations, and emphasized the importance of loving one’s body, regardless of others’ opinions.

Later, sophomore communication studies majors Brandon Hayes and Evan Mitch hosted an hour-long sports segment. However, they took a slightly different approach to the sports news from DiCostanzo, Berg and Falato.

Hayes and Mitch shared their opinions on history’s greatest NBA playoff performances. They then discussed Aaron Hernandez, a former New England Patriots tight end, who was convicted of murder and had been in prison since 2012.

On April 19, the day before the talk-a-thon, Hernandez was found hanging in his cell. Hayes and Mitch saw this event as a tragedy.

Finally, the talk-a-thon ended with another “FDU Sports Talk” segment, during which DiCostanzo, Berg and Falato performed live coverage of that evening’s playoff game between the New York Rangers and the Montreal Canadiens. They provided live commentary and post-game analysis.

Overall, Thursday’s talk-a-thon was an opportunity for students to broadcast anything they were interested in talking about to the FDU community. It gave students who are interested in a radio career a chance to improve their skills.

DiCostanzo hopes to continue hosting annual talk-a-thons and wants next year’s to be even larger than this year’s.

Students interested in joining the FDU radio club can contact DiCostanzo at nicolad@student. fdu.edu.


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