FDU students attend fall semester’s club fair

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Many students attended the Fall 2017 Club Fair, where they signed up to join clubs or organizations. Though the club fair was original- ly scheduled to be on the Library Lawn, it was moved indoors to the Student Center because of the weather.

According to Director of Campus Life Operations, Sarah B. Azave- do, existing club members attend the fair to attract new members.

Over 20 clubs and organiza- tions were represented at the Sept. 6 event, and current mem- bers looked for new participants to join. The clubs and organiza- tions included Greek Life, Flor- ham Programming Committee (FPC), Green Club, Video Game Club, Anime Club, Theatre, Latin American Student Organization (LASO), Accepting & Understand- ing the Rights of All (AURA), Cre- ative Writing and many more.

Green Club President Peerapol Chiaranunt said the event went really well because the Student Center was packed, and com- mented that “it’s good to see the freshman class and the returning students are interested and eager to join in any extracurricular ac- tivity that we have here.”

AURA Stand-in President Mere- dith Cowan said that it was really good for the college community to reach out to all the first-years, and that she enjoyed being a part of it.

AURA’s Treasurer Kiara Rafael said, “I feel like it’s a good thing that it doesn’t just reach out to first-year students there; [there are] second-year, third-year stu- dents who come here. Because there really are just so many dif- ferent clubs on campus, there’s no

way for you to know all of them. So you come out every year and you always find a new club or you find a club that you didn’t see be- fore when you went the last time. It’s great way to be involved.”

Haley “Pippy” Vallone, secretary of the Creative Writing Club, also thought the club fair was success- ful, saying her group has seen “a lot of new faces.”

She also said that “the last cou- ple meetings of last year, we were kind of small, so we’re looking a lot of new blood in our club and I think we got a lot of new people. So, it was really good.”

Several club members said that having more students join would benefit their organizations.

LASO President Gennesie Zu- niga said having more members would benefit the club because it would expand it, and having a bigger audience would make their events better.

Chiaranunt said that increased membership would allow the Green Club to work toward its goals faster and give it a louder voice on campus because more students would be involved.

Members also explained what their clubs do to benefit FDU.

Zuniga said that LASO would teach not only the students, but also the faculty, about the Hispan- ic culture, and would bring great diversity because it is the only Hispanic/Latin American organi- zation on campus.

Cowan said since there are many people within the LGBTQ+ com- munity, some of whom do not feel safe in many different spaces, the club wants to let them know that the campus supports everyone and who they identify as.

Campus Life Coordinator of Student Programming Conor Leary said, “FPC provides an opportunity for personal in- volvement, but also just if you want to take a break from study, you can go to one of the pro- grams.”

Leary added that there is often something going on that is re- lated to FPC.

“They don’t ask for commit- ment,” Leary said. “You can be an open member; you can be as active as you like as an open member, but really, you can just come to the programs and enjoy yourself.”

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