For FDU’s Alternative Spring Break teams, the opportunity to travel was just a small bonus to the work they were doing in Arizona and Louisiana.
“In college they say you experience the world and differences of life, but sadly not until Arizona have I experienced that difference,” said Anassa Tulloch. “Arizona revived a dormant emotion that was covered by exhaustion and worry about my direction.”
Sponsored by the Student Government Association, the Alternative Spring Break trips gave students opportunities to help and improve the communities of their respective destinations.
Kristen Lettenberger and Troy McClellan were in charge of planning and organizing a trip to New Orleans for 15 students. They traveled there to help rebuild the city, which still suffers from Hurricane Katrina, according to McClellan. Lettenberger and McClellan wanted to offer these students the same opportunity and experience that they had the year before.
This year “Team NOLA” set out to work at a charter school in the 7th Ward of New Orleans with the Relief Spark organization, McClellan said. The mission was school beautification, while working with the children at the school as well. The team also worked on a garden for the students and repainted interior walls throughout the school. Along with the physical labor, some students decided to help in the classrooms and tutor children.
The other destination for SGA’s Alternative Spring Break was Tuba City, Ariz., where students volunteered their time with the Navajo Reservation. There, they had the opportunity to participate in programs under the Amizade organization and worked with children from the local Boys and Girls Club.
For many students involved, the trips were unforgettable.
“This trip not only created a better understanding and relationship among the students with the people of the Navajo Nation, but also each other and ultimately with themselves,” said Ryan Elwood, one of the 22 students who volunteered in Arizona.

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