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Alley-oops, behind-the-back passes and dribbling skills are what the players from the AND 1 squad brought to Fairleigh Dickinson University.

The Latin American Student Organization held the event in the Ferguson Recreation Center and the purpose of this game was to raise money for Relay for Life.

Relay for Life will be held this Friday into Saturday. It is held every year in the spring and each organization tries to raise money for cancer awareness.

Junior Catherine Perez, who is the president of LASO, said, “We have been doing this for three years. It started as a fundraiser and this year it was a fundraiser for Relay for Life.”

Although the event was mostly the basketball game, LASO had other fun side activities happening as well. There were multiple giveaways for the fans, one of which was an iPad.

There also was a DJ playing music while the game was in progress, and the fans got involved when the AND 1 announcer stopped the game and held a dance-off.

“This event was a success given we had a lot of giveaways for the students, and I think the FDU population enjoys these events,” Perez said.

Even though the event was not only about basketball, the game did play a big part in students’ attendance.

The players from the AND 1 team came and put on a show for the students of FDU.

It was the AND 1 team against a team that consisted of FDU students who signed up to play.

The students put up a good attempt to stick around with the players from the AND 1 team, but their skills and talent proved too much to handle.

The students stuck around early as they were down 30-21 midway through the first half.

But the AND 1 team did not allow this to last for long; they began to pull away and were up 58-39 by halftime.
The AND 1 team made some of its plays seem so effortless. At times, it seemed like they were not even trying.

A highlight for the AND 1 team was when one of the players stole the ball, gave a little wave and went on a fast break that ended with a windmill dunk.

The other highlight that had the fans on their feet was when a player from the AND 1 team kicked the ball up into the air with his feet and another player came out of nowhere to finish off the play with a slam dunk.

The FDU team did try to do some tricks of its own, and did succeed with a few plays as the fans saw the occasional slam dunk or nice pass. FDU’s highlight was a fast break that ended with an alley-oop.

Senior Malik Peterson said, “We competed pretty good considering the circumstances.” He added that it was fun to play against people that are “highly skilled.”
The AND 1 team ended up winning the game by the score of 112-76.

But this event was not about the outcome of the game; it was about raising money for Relay for Life and bringing together the FDU population for a fun night.
AND 1 player Louis Figueroa said, “It was a good experience, nice crowd, good gym and a good environment.”

The Fairleigh Dickinson audience applauded both teams throughout the event and kept the atmosphere alive from the start.

Photo Joe Castillo.

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