Florham Campus celebrates professors’ literary achievements

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On Wednesday, Oct. 4, members of the FDU Florham Campus gathered in the Orangerie to celebrate the literary accomplishments of Professors Rebecca Chace and Minna Proctor, both members of our creative writing department.

Both professors read passages from their newest books. Following the readings was a brief Q&A session, during which the authors answered questions about inspiration, writing drive and the publishing process.

Chace, the director of the creative writing BA program at Florham, read from her new book, “June Sparrow and the Million Dollar Penny,” which tells the story of a young girl who goes on an adventure to find a rare and valuable penny with the help of her miniature pig.

“June Sparrow” is Chace’s first children’s novel, and it was originally a story she used to tell her children on long car rides and hikes.

Chace said that “it’s exciting to publish my fourth book and explore a whole new genre with children’s literature.”

Proctor is not only a professor at FDU, but she is also the editor of “The Literary Review,” a literary magazine that publishes fiction and poetry from authors from around the world.

Proctor’s newest book, “Landslide,” is a nonfiction book. It consists of a series of essays that explore the author’s childhood and her relationship with her mother.

For students or faculty who are interested in these books, copies are available for purchase at the FDU Bookstore in the Student Center.

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