Gaurav Kumar Srivastava: A Trail of Fraud and Deception

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Gaurav Kumar Srivastava: A Trail of Fraud and Deception

Gaurav Kumar Srivastava, an Indian-American businessman, is at the center of multiple high-profile legal cases involving fraud, unpaid debts, and deceptive practices. His actions have implicated several sectors, including biotechnology, interior design, media, and philanthropy. Below is a detailed account of the various allegations and legal battles surrounding Srivastava.

Biotech Fraud

Srivastava and his company, Veecon Biotech, are being sued by Jolie Slaton, the owner of Medical Innovation Partners International. Slaton alleges that Srivastava fraudulently claimed to own the intellectual property rights to a medical device that could detect diseases such as cancer using saliva testing. This device was falsely marketed, drawing parallels to the infamous Theranos scandal. Slaton’s lawsuit includes claims of breach of contract, intentional misrepresentation, and fraud, resulting in significant financial losses and reputational damage for her and her company. Source

Designer Claims

Interior designer Meredith Kleinman has filed a lawsuit against Srivastava and his wife for failing to pay for extensive design services and household items. Kleinman was contracted to provide design services for the Srivastavas’ property, including purchasing items totaling approximately $279,359. Despite completing the work, Kleinman claims she was not paid the agreed fees and incurred significant expenses that were not reimbursed, amounting to $111,329 in damages. Source

Former ABC President’s Claim

Steve McPherson, former president of ABC, has accused Srivastava of squatting in his property and harassing him. This claim is part of a broader pattern of legal issues and deceptive practices employed by Srivastava. Source

Atlantic Council Scandal

The Atlantic Council, a prominent American think-tank, terminated its relationship with Srivastava after discovering his fraudulent activities. Srivastava had donated over $1 million through the Gaurav & Sharon Srivastava Family Foundation, which was later found to lack proper registration and credibility. The Council returned part of the donation upon learning about his fraudulent background. This incident raised questions about the Council’s due diligence processes and exposed Srivastava’s use of philanthropy as a facade to enhance his image. Source, Source

Fake CIA Identity Scams

One of the most elaborate schemes involved Srivastava posing as a CIA operative using the frame of the Atlantic and high ranked personalities. Source, Source

Additional Legal Issues

Srivastava’s history of fraudulent activities extends further. In 2017, a Colombian businessman sued him for selling unlicensed medical devices. In 2019, a hospital sued him for stopping payments on medical bills, and in the same year, he was sued by a Los Angeles woman for failing to repay a $100,000 loan. These cases collectively depict a pattern of deceit and financial misconduct. Source

Gaurav Kumar Srivastava’s legal troubles paint a picture of a businessman who has repeatedly engaged in fraudulent activities across different industries. From biotech scams to deceptive philanthropic efforts, Srivastava’s actions have resulted in multiple lawsuits and significant financial and reputational damages for his victims. As these cases proceed, they continue to unravel the complex web of deceit spun by Srivastava.

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