History of fashion on display at FDU library

Photo by Brandon Hayes: A student observes the history of fashion exhibit.

Photo by Brandon Hayes: A student observes the history of fashion exhibit.

Brandon Hayes

Staff Writer

In the Monninger Center, students can see displays of fashion trends throughout the decades in glass frames. Since it is the 75th anniversary of FDU, the university has showcased the history of fashion since the year the school opened. The pictures range from the 1940s until now, showing how FDU students evolved from wearing A-line skirts to t-shirts and jeans.

Eleanor Friedl, a librarian at FDU, is thrilled about the display.

“It’s fun to see the fashion change over the decades because now we’re going back seven decades of growth. I think it’s fun to see how people dressed and carried themselves compared to now,” Friedl said.

The displays are changing throughout the semester. The first display showed FDU’s history.

“We were looking at different aspects of our history. Our first display was about how Fairleigh Dickinson was founded and the beginning years. We are trying to tell the history in our 75th anniversary year. We want to tell the story of Fairleigh Dickinson and do it in fun ways,” Friedl said.

Friedl also discussed the events planned for November. “We have a lot of interesting speakers coming to campus and it’s a wonderful opportunity for students to be in the audience directly,” she said. “In November, we are also going to have a veteran from World War II and how he escaped a Nazi prison camp, and how he saw others tortured to death. He is going to lecture in Lenfell Hall.”

Students are interested in learning about the rich history of fashion that FDU has to offer.

“It is a very interesting topic because it is cool to see how other generations of students dressed, compared to me,” said Emily Quinones, a business marketing major. “Looking at what women wore back then, compared to now, we express ourselves more and our clothes explain what type of person we are.”

The “Fashions Through FDU History” exhibit will be up until Nov. 21. Students can submit photos to the exhibit on Facebook.



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