How freshmen can avoid registration confusion

Paige Fleming



If you are a freshman like me, then you probably know that registration for the spring semester is coming up. And if you are anything like me, you are probably confused.

Yes, while this can be a confusing time, there is no need to fear. Anyone can help you, including your resident assistants, friends, upperclassmen or your roommate, as was my case. My first suggestion is to really consider your class options. What do you want to be doing next semester? What does your major require? If you changed your major, what classes should you take now?

All of these questions, if unknown by anyone else, can certainly be answered by your advisor. Your advisor is your best friend in this process. He or she will inform you about everything you need to know, including what classes you need to take and how to search for sections. But where is the advising office?

The freshman advising offices for both Becton and Silberman colleges are located on the first floor of the Mansion, straight ahead as soon as you walk in the door. Meeting with your advisor is mandatory before registration. Make sure you print out your Degree Audit and bring it with you when meeting your advisor. Your Degree Audit can be found on WebAdvisor, located under the “Academic Profile” section. This will list all the classes you are currently taking and all of the classes you will need to take for your major.

Also, if you have any more questions after your first meeting with your advisor, you are always welcome back! It is not a one-trip visit; students can always return for scheduling help or with questions. Your advisor will talk you through searching for sections and give you class options for the upcoming semester.

In case you were just politely nodding, pretending to understand what your advisor was saying, here are the instructions:

First, log on to WebAdvisor and click on the “students” section. Under the registration section, click on “search for sections” and pick your term. Click “Traditional Spring 2018.” Fill in the subject of your course and the associated course number, or the four-digit number after the course subject. Under “location,” choose the Florham-Madison campus.

Once you have filled in all your needed information, finding your classes should be a breeze. Each class is labeled with the course information, the professor, the time and the day. Some will even give you the location of the class.

When looking for classes, make sure that you copy down the full class code, and keep note of any class restrictions. Remember that some classes will fill up quickly. Your advisor will provide you with a schedule to write in your potential classes and times. A helpful hint? Use a pencil! You are going to be erasing and rearranging classes more than you think.

All undergraduates should have received an email informing them of the time they need to go to register. Priority registration starts Monday, Nov. 6. Classes will fill up fast!

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