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The boys from Jane’s Addiction have returned with a new album called “The Great Escape Artist” that hit stores on Tuesday, Oct. 18.

After forming in 1985, the band saw their popularity take off with hit songs like “Jane Says” and “Stop!” The band continued to rule the late eighties and nineties, when alternative music became the newest popular music of the people.

Jane’s Addiction’s last album, called “Strays,” was released in 2003. Included on the record was the popular theme song from the HBO show “Entourage” called “Superhero.”

Jane’s Addiction has not been heard from since this 2003 release, until now.

The lead singer, Perry Farrell, has been in the band since its inception. Another founder of the band is Dave Navarro, who returns to play guitar.
The original drummer Stephen Perkins returns to add his rhythms.

The only change to the lineup is at bass, which was filled by Dave Sitek.

While Sitek’s talents were utilized in the recording process, the band is not sure if he will tour with them to promote the album.

Fans will be delighted to know that this new release is well worth the eight-year wait.

It may not have the crazy guitar licks from Navarro or the fast-paced vocals of Farrell, but their new process is just as catchy. Their sound has become more mainstream, something that either makes or breaks a band.

Farrell has much more matured and refined vocals, which gives the album a much more controlled and serious feel. The vocals and lyrics have more meaning behind them as each song has a story behind it. Navarro’s guitar has a more modernized sound to it and holds more passion than the crazy riff’s he played in the beginning of the band’s career.

Sitek’s bass is heard throughout this album and has great rhythm to it. Perkins tops off the sound with some of his greatest work yet.

The album begins with the song “Underground,” and Jane’s Addiction fans will love this song.

The song has an early Jane’s Addiction sound to it as Farrell’s vocals sound like his young self and the guitar riffs come in hard.

In the third song titled “Curiosity Kills,” Sitek comes in with a great bass. This song is where fans will first witness the maturing sound of the band. It’s pieced together with great riffs from Navarro’s guitar and a new type of vocals from Farrell.

Navarro is showing that he is staying away his crazy guitar play in the song “I’ll Hit You Back,” his riffs in this song were impressive as they work smoothly together. Perkins brings great drum beats that causes him to stand out as well on this particular song.

Song six is called “Twisted Tales.” The vocals stand out as they tell a story to the audience and have meaning behind them. The guitar has a deep and passionate sound to it and the audience will have to decide whether they like it or not.

“Splash a Little Water on It,” is a slow-paced song with a psychedelic sound to it and a deep jazz bass in the background. The guitar has a different feel because of its slow pacing, but fans will still like it.

The song “Irresistible Force” is the one that people will hear a lot of from this album. It will be a fan favorite because it is a powerful song utilizing all the instruments in tune with the lyrics.

Jane’s Addiction released “Irresistible Force” in August and made a music video in hopes to advertise the album. This song shows that Jane’s Addiction can still rock hard, but also that they have also matured on their latest release.

Jane’s Addiction has been promoting their album a lot lately as they were recently on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and have set up a few shows, although it has been said that they are not doing their album tour until the summer of 2012.

Old fans are in for a treat as they will hear a new sound on this album, one that truly shows Jane’s Addiction’s talents. They were able to make an album that welcomes new fans with a mainstream sound.

Make sure to pick up a copy of the album to listen to the face melting guitar riffs of Navarro.

Check out one of the business’ more successful alternative rock bands as they bring a new sound and show more of the depth of their talents.

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