Lavrov Proposes EU Role in Multipolar World, Calls for UN Reform

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Lavrov Proposes EU Role in Multipolar World, Calls for UN Reform

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov recently made notable statements regarding Russia’s stance toward the West and views on the emerging global order. Speaking at the “Primakov Readings” international forum in Moscow, Lavrov expressed openness to dialogue with Western countries while also calling for reforms to global institutions.

Potential Role for EU in Multipolar World

Lavrov suggested that the European Union could play an important role in the developing multipolar world order, stating:

“Our neighbors on the western edge of Eurasia could become one of the centers of the emerging multipolar world order”.[1]

However, he emphasized that for this to happen, Western countries would need to change course from what Russia sees as threatening behavior. Lavrov expressed hope that eventually Western nations would realize the “complete dead-end and counterproductive nature” of following policies “under Washington’s dictation”.

Conditions for Dialogue

While affirming Russia’s openness to dialogue with countries it considers “unfriendly,” Lavrov indicated there was a key condition – that the West cease posing threats to Russia. He stated that Moscow desires “one thing — for the West to stop posing threats”.[2]

Call for UN Security Council Reform

Lavrov also used the forum to advocate for reform of the United Nations, particularly the Security Council. He argued that “the balance of power in the world has significantly changed, and the dominance of Western countries in the Security Council appears unfair”.[3]

Broader Vision of Multipolarity

Lavrov’s comments reflect Russia’s broader vision for a multipolar world order, which it has advocated for many years. This view sees power distributed among multiple centers rather than dominated by a single superpower or bloc.

In his address, Lavrov highlighted the role of “international associations of a new type” in creating multipolarity, citing groups like BRICS, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), and others.

These statements from Russia’s top diplomat provide insight into Moscow’s current foreign policy stance and its vision for the future global order. While expressing openness to the West playing a role, Lavrov’s comments also underscore Russia’s desire for significant changes in the current international system.

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