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Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Florham Campus recently partnered with more than 15 local employers to assist students in securing professional opportunities by showing them how to network at a “Meet Your Neighbors” Career Fair.
Some of the businesses that participated included Nestle, Wyndham, Enterprise, Archer Hotel, Florham Park Police and TAPinto.
Career Development Specialist Kelly Keyes, whose office helped fund the event, said that it aimed to help students connect with local employers.
“Career fairs provide such valuable networking experience, at all levels of a student’s career development. It gives them practice with networking and making connections with employers as well as sheds some light on the current job market in their respective fields,” Keyes said.
Outside the Monninger Center, senior Elise Foster, who works in the Career Development office, was signing students in for the career fair.
Inside, employers’ tables were set up around the walls of the room, organized according to type of industry.
Foster said that the setup of the event was important because students needed to see which employers were targeted for specific majors.
She also said that the setup was designed so that students could prepare themselves for a brief interview before going up to the tables.
“I feel like interviews are pretty nerve wracking, and the career fair gives students a chance to get used to the interview process in a more informal manner, which can ease some anxiety when they go on interviews in the future,” Foster said.
Foster said that she was surprised by the large number of students who showed up for the event.
“A lot of what I took away is how determined the students of FDU really are to make connections and put themselves out there,” Foster said.
Senior Rebecca Yanes said that these types of events are very beneficial for all students regardless of major because it is a great opportunity that gives students an idea of how to interact with future employers.
“For someone like me who is still unsure of where I’d like to work someday, this event granted me the opportunity to find my right path,” Yanes said.
Keyes said that students who are successful in receiving job interviews and internship offers from employers usually come prepared to career fairs.
“The successful student has come prepared in professional attire, with resumes and has done some research on the companies before attending,” she said.
Keyes said that she hopes all students will get involved in events like these in the future.
“For freshmen, it’s great practice to network with employers and to get a sense of what types of opportunities are out there for your major.
“For upperclassmen, it’s even more crucial to attend to help you make connections for internships and full-time work upon graduation,” Keyes said.
Keyes said Career Development will host more events this year that will help students with networking and interviewing skills. A big career fair, which Keyes said “will be much larger and take place in the Rec Center,” is scheduled for Feb. 27.

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