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Tyler, the Creator and his clan of cartoons have done it again!

The now 21-year-old and his group Odd Future have always delivered raunchy yet lyrical pieces, and most people hate them for it.
Sure, most of the songs deal with fellatio and fornication, and not always the consensual kind, but it’s what the people want. Their debut album does not fail to deliver.

“The OF Tape Vol. 2” features all members of Wolf Gang (Odd Future), though the obvious forerunners are Tyler, the Creator, Hodgy Beats and Frank Ocean.
In fact, the album should have featured just these three men, since everything else that didn’t involve them was worthy of the skip button.

Though controversial, it is the most lyrical piece of work out in the game today, and what other rappers out right now can speak about dinosaurs, zombies, talking trees and Lunchables and make it catchy?

The album starts with an introduction to its members, entitled “Hi,” a minute-and-a-half of each member being degraded verbally.

It paints a nice picture of what is to come, a light hearted yet vicious attack on everyone and everything.

“Analog 2” is the first song on the album that could be a universal hit, and features R&B favorite Frank Ocean and Tyler, The Creator.
We have seen their undeniable chemistry in “She,” and they bring this same romantic/sadistic message with “Analog 2.”

Ocean does his usual cooing with the hook, “Meet me by the lake at ten/If I’m not there just call/And if you need a way there/ I’ll ride you on my handle bars.”
Tyler even tones it down in this one, talking more about romance than rape. One line could be straight out of a poem, “It’s summer camp Golf Wang where the talking trees are.”

Just as we begin to enjoy the lighthearted jam, Tyler brings back the demonic voice in the end.
The creepy voice talks about how the lake is deep and his date will need a life jacket.

This brings us back to reality, and realizes that the fictional date will most likely end up at the bottom of the lake in Tyler’s land of make believe.
Frank Ocean is featured again on the next track entitled “Snow White,” with Hodgy Beats, both men proving their ways with words.

Hodgy jumps onto the track with a griping first couple of lines,“Gold chain and some J’s like Nas in illmatic/ I’m so real, I’m something to feel, peel fabric./ My folks kill, the hunt every meal, meat cabbage/ Lyrically get out of my way, protein the beats raddish.”

Ocean brings in a natural element to the song. His soothing voice echoes, “Snow so white, moon so bright/ They’re on a playground making canines fight.”
Paired with the lyrics is a simple drum beat mixed with a dramatic synthesizer, with the occasional howling and growling in the background.

Tyler, the Creator joins Hodgy again on “P,” a song where no one is safe from his judgments. Hodgy talks about killing people, while Tyler takes it way too far, as he usually does.

Listeners will be shocked hearing, “So after the showers with Sandusky,/ me and Sean Kingston went and rented a couple jet skis.”
In one line Tyler manages to poke fun at the Penn State scandal as well as the near fatal accident of a pop singer.

But this is what fans love about him, his most famous being his “stab” at Bruno Mars in his hit song “Yonkers.”

Tyler takes it even farther than that here, even referencing Casey Anthony. “You know Casey Anthony, was handling/Dropping her kids off so she could come out and dance with me.”

This shocking track is juxtaposed with Frank Ocean’s ballad called “White.”

Unlike other R&B artists out now, not every song on his repertoire are “panty-droppers,” in fact, most are more depressing than sexual.

Though simplistic, “White” holds more sensuality than any Trey Songz or Chris Brown track out right now, with a lyric like “I woke, you were there, tracing planets on my forehead.” Who needs a complicated beat and a six pack?

“White” reads more like a poem than a song, and is a refreshing break from all the shenanigans occurring around it.

The album ends with “Oldie,” a 10-minute track that features all the members of Wolf Gang. It has almost too much personality for one song to handle.
Overall the album was impressive, and though controversial, Odd Future knows how to stir the pot.

Most rappers out right now talk about two things, women and money.
Though usually paired with a catchy beat, this formula gets old.

Odd Future is the first rap group since Wu-Tang to bring the street rap back into the mainstream, and doesn’t rely solely on a “killer beat” like Rick Ross’s Maybach group.
Many people are outraged by the acceptance of Wolf Gang’s content, but this ideology is no different from why people like slasher films and violent television.

Why can Eli Roth write a film about sex and death but Tyler, The Creator can’t write a song about it?

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