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It’s about that time again, folks. The weather is getting warmer and all major parts of campus are filled with film crews and excited faces.
Senior Thesis Night for FDU film students is Tuesday, May 1, at Clearview Cinemas in Morristown. The students will get to show off their talents in the art of film and screenwriting.

Many of these projects will go on to receive further acclaim. In fact, one already has: “Ever Last,” a story about an overweight superhero created by FDU’s own Chris Dimoulas, who graduated in 2011.

Dimoulas started writing, directing and acting in his own films when he was 15. His first film was a black and white short entitled “The Last Job.”

Ironically, “The Last Job” made such a splash in his school’s film department that videography classes showed it as an example of “what not to do” in film. Fast forward several years, Dimoulas is miles away from his “how not to” days, and extremely pleased with his film debut.

“Ever Last” centers around an assistant bank manager named Kimberly Alves (Angeline-Rose Troy) who meets a mysterious man, Wolf Sutcliff (Sean T. McGrath), an overweight immortal, when he robs the bank she works for.

Wolf tells Kim that he has been alive for thousands of years and that he feels that he has no purpose in life. Kim decides to help him find a reason for his so-called meaningless existence.

“I pretty much just wanted to write my senior thesis with Sean T. McGrath,” Dimoulas stated in an online interview. “And I thought it would be interesting, different, and comical to write about an overweight superhero, but it quickly changed to a story of the woman who meets him and has to live with him through extreme circumstances.”

Dimoulas said that he wrote the characters based off of the two actors he wanted to work with, Troy and McGrath.

Both Dimoulas and McGrath are members of the fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon; many of that fraternity’s members hail from film and theater backgrounds.

For a guy who started off as a high school gag, Dimoulas has made his way up the film ladder.

“Ever Last” was screened at the 10th Annual Garden State Film Festival in Asbury Park on March 25.

The festival brought in 193 films from 17 countries to be presented in seven venues in and around the Asbury Park area. Acting greats like Ed Asner were in attendance.
With Senior Thesis Night around the corner, Fairleigh Dickinson will be churning out new talents in the film world, and hopefully they, too, whether actor or director, are able to get their foot in the door through this great opportunity.

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