Over the last few months the Benghazi issue has been blown way out of proportion. The sad thing is that the liberal leaning parts of the media (such as MSNBC, for example) are the only ones to realize that.

What about the Iraq War?

That was a war that didn’t need to happen but it happened anyway. A lot of people just seemed to turn a blind eye to the fact that George W. Bush’s administration lied about weapons of mass destruction.

Super-conservative Republicans such as Rush Limbaugh love to accuse Obama of being a fascist or a communist but the fact is that Bush was the one who had a cult of followers with personality mentality – the reason it took so long for people to speak up against the war.

That’s sad that a fair amount of people just blindly accepted what George W. Bush’s administration did and also the fact that if you were against the war you were un-American, which is totally untrue.

But even though it may seem unnecessary to continue to criticize Bush since it’s been over four years since he left office the fact is he did more harm to the country than good. Yet John McCain has the nerve to overly analyze the Benghazi issue!

I’m not saying every Obama policy is perfect but if John McCain really wanted to show people that he was a maverick he would have criticized Bush when he decided to go into Iraq. But he didn’t. McCain supported the war.

It is just so hypocritical of McCain to criticize Obama over the Benghazi issue. Obama may not have handled the issue perfectly but at least a phony war didn’t start because of it.

The same cannot be said for George W. Bush. But even though the Benghazi issue may be starting to cool off that still does not change the fact that Obama was unfairly criticized.

Ultimately the truth is astonishing. Republicans will do everything that they can, all in an attempt to derail the president, which is petty and vindictive, and as a result, is one reason out of many why the Republicans were not fit to win the recent presidential election.

A lot of Republicans are just simply out of touch and are thus not doing what the American people need them to do, which is to work with Democrats, as opposed to behaving like obstructionists.

The bottom line is Americans do not need Republican politicians to continue to waste important time because there are serious issues that need to be dealt with.

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