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The sound of water trickling is all too familiar to Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Park Avenue residents. The Park Avenue apartments are notorious for their problematic toilets.

“They constantly overflow, flush randomly or for hours or days, and get clogged easily,” said Lauren Kelly, a senior communication studies major and former Park Avenue resident.

Kelly recalls several failed attempts to fix the problem.

“I called Facilities at least five times last year about our toilet and it never did get fixed,” she said.
Following Kelly’s move into Park Avenue in Fall 2009, the toilet was always a problem. The first issue she remembered encountering was a toilet that would not only flush on its own, but flush for hours – “sometimes all through the night,” she said.

Park Avenue Resident Assistant Ashley Eevardi has come up with a potential solution.

Eevardi is a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, an organization whose mission statement describes it as “a partner ship with God…with people in need by building and renovating houses so that there are decent houses in decent communities…”

The group is planning on hosting a do-it-yourself program that Eevardi hopes to bring to campus.
Eevardi said, “The program shows easy home repairs you can do yourself.”

Lucky for Park Avenue residents, one of them is how to fix a toilet.

The program, hosted by the Morris Habitat for Humanity, started Oct. 7 and will run through Nov. 18 in Mine Hill.

The series will take place over the course of six weeks. Each workshop costs $10 or $50 for all six, according to the Morris Habitat for Humanity’s website.

If this program is approved to be an RA event, which is what Eevardi hopes, students will have the opportunity to learn about fixing their own toilets, as well as other household items that could help them in the future.

“This will give you the tools to fix the toilets yourself so you don’t have to call Facilities,” said Eevardi.
Over the summer, areas of the University were updated and modified.

Whether or not the toilets are something to be considered for future updates is uncertain. However, students have experienced enough issues and have expressed a need for more efficient toilets on campus.

“Preferably one that makes less noise,” said Kelly.

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