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This morning I busted out my planner (yes, planner, don’t judge, a girl’s got to be organized!) to write down what seemed like the millionth assignment due this week. Flipping through the pages and dreading what’s due in the next couple of days, my eyes landed on a date that was circled off: Tuesday, May 19.

The words, “Graduation! Wouu!!” stared back at me. I’m not going to lie, a slight shiver ran down my spine. What should be a remarkably happy day, the culmination of years upon years of studying, now seems, well, kind of scary and oh-so-depressing.

The fact that the end of my schooling as I know it is just, what, about a week away, is shocking. I, at 21, will be done with classes forever. The thought doesn’t even seem to process correctly. What do you mean that’s it? What do you mean I’m done? Now what?

Now what?

It seems like ages ago when I first stepped onto this campus, a nervous freshie hopeful of what the next couple of years would hold. Right off the bat I joined clubs, yes it sounds lame, but I figured it would be the easiest way to build friendships.

When I first came to The Metro I honestly just wanted to build my resume, whip up a few published clips and that’s it. Turns out I got much more involved than expected, starting off as a lowly staff writer and working my way up to copy editor and now, writing my last piece as your executive editor!

As cheesy as it may sound, I never thought I’d actually be involved in a school club that I was so very proud of. The school community may not realize it, but endless hours upon hours are poured into this paper. Our writers put their heart into every article they write. And us editors? Well, let’s just say The Metro office is our official dorm on layout nights.

Looking back on all those never ending nights, whipping together last minute articles to fill up space, editing like a maniac fueled solely on coffee, and getting into a scream-fest with Quark (Maggy!), I can say, I’ll actually miss this. No, I am not a masochist. But as I sit here typing this, surrounded by my fellow editors and our amazing adviser, I can’t help but fight back the tears, or is it just the four hours of sleep kicking in?

All that I hope for in the future of our student newspaper is that the following editors and staff continue to put all their love and devotion into every single page.

Take advantage of having a well functioning media outlet, an outlet that’s there by the students for the students.

As for my Metro people, here it comes, you knew this was coming! I feel like I’m on stage receiving an Oscar here.

To our assistant editors, thanks for pitching in and doing the annoying, little details that are really important in the end. Angela, we’re graduating! Kristin and Sam, enjoy the time you have left here, it really, truly flies.

To our photo editor, Dan, thanks for being our resident photo expert, improving the quality of our photos and giving our readers something beautiful to look at.

To our editors, thanks for tracking down our writers, and getting our sections together. Elyse and Kayla, good luck next year! Make us proud, don’t let all our hard work go to waste! We’ll be watching you!

To our utterly amazing adviser, Sarah, words cannot express how thankful I am for everything you have done for us. You’ve been not only an inspiration, teaching us the basics of journalism, but you’ve been a guidance and support beam for all those nights when we wanted to throw the Mac out of the window and give up.

We know how much you’ve done for us, and I don’t think we can ever repay you for what you’ve done. You’ve far exceeded what’s expected of an adviser. We love you!

To my partner in crime, my forever twinsie, Maggy, our editor-in-chief… Oh god, I feel like I’ll need a novel to write about all we’ve been through. We’ve known each other since freshman year and I love how we’ve actually bonded and built a true friendship over our many, many hours at The Metro.

I’ll treasure it all, from the Youtube clips to entertain our lives at the office, to the hysterical fits you throw after the clock strikes 11 on Monday layout nights. I’m so glad it was you and me this year, leading our staff, improving the quality of our paper, and establishing a fully functioning Web site. We are utterly amazing, aren’t we? Love you!

To our faithful readers, thank you for appreciating all that we do. To our faculty, thanks for giving us feedback, providing us with sources and pushing us to make the paper better issue by issue.

As we begin to recheck the articles, shut down the computers, and fill up this last empty space, I realize how fast time really goes by. God I feel old.

I better end now before the water works start rolling in.

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