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I would be the worst girlfriend.

Let’s take a moment to digest that. I think teddy bears are meant for children, roses are meant to be sent everyday and chocolate…well, I do love chocolate, so that can be an exception. I’m not cynical or bitter about being alone. In fact, I would prefer to spend February 14 reading a good book with a cup of hazelnut coffee in my hand.

This “holiday” just never meant anything to me. I don’t understand why we, as a society, choose one day out of the entire year to show the people we love that we in fact love them.

This love needs to be measured in material wealth: chocolate, a dozen long stemmed roses and a fancy dinner. I’m not all about that lifestyle. If you love someone, tell them every day. You shouldn’t need a reminder to tell someone how much you care about them and need them. Tell them every day with a kiss or a simple note.

This year, I’m doing something different and putting down my book. I decided to throw a party to counteract Valentine’s Day. I’m throwing an Anti-Valentine’s Day party.

I don’t want flowers and I don’t want to remember that I’m alone. I want to celebrate with all the people that I love. So I did what any other social media savvy person would do. I created a Facebook invite with the following description:

“Hi Everyone,
So my favorite holiday is coming up (NOT) and I wanted to spend it with all of my favorite people that I love so much. So if you’re like me and don’t want to sit in your room alone eating chocolates and crying while watching rom coms, then I invite you to come on over for movies, preferably Anti-Valentine’s and chocolate.
So let’s get classy and enjoy this holiday in our own special way. Think of Jessica Biel in ‘Valentine’s Day’ without beating the shit out of a piñata.
Hope you can all come or just stop by!!”

Plain, simple and to the point. I don’t need a significant other to make me feel loved. All I need are best friends, a good movie (in my case “Jurassic Park”) and a hot pot of fondue.

I also make a point to tell people how much I do care about them. Don’t fall victim to the ploys installed by Hallmark.

If you love someone, let them know. No matter what day it is and if you have the time, plan an awesome party with some awesome people.

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