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You grab the bottle,

Like so many times before.

I lock my door now,

Like all the signs we ignored.


You’re in the next room

Casting your own thunderstorm.

I’m hiding under my umbrella

Casting traps onto the floor.


You say it’s one last time,

And I believed you.

I say there’s one last line,

And you know I’ll keep you.


You grab the lighter,

Filling lungs with black lies.

I open a window,

Filling this twisted paradise.


You’re so close now,

Reaching out your hand to meet me.

I’m barely standing,

Reaching for your mind to appease me.


You open my door,

Trying to get me to come out.

I step back a little,

Trying to see if you mean it now.


You move your words,

Like pieces in a chess game.

I analyze your movement,

Like some sort of charade.


You make promises.

So sweet, like candy for my ears.

I have a flash of memory.

So bitter, like my fallen tears.


You spit more words,

While my mind makes a decision.

I take a step back,

While you try to keep me hidden.


You grab hold of my hand,

But I’ve made up my mind.

You had a grip on me,

But I think about me this time.


I go back to my room now.

You plead one more chance from me.

I grab hold of the doorknob,

Quickly closing it behind as you leave.

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