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“Don’t be creepy, don’t be creepy…”

That’s the most comical line from this season’s newly released romantic comedy, “Warm Bodies.”

The film follows zombie teenager “R,” played by Nicholas Hoult, who starts to question his life…while technically deceased.

In this world most of the human race is plagued by a disease that turns humans into zombies.

This disease is spread once a zombie bites a human and does not kill them. Zombies lack the remorse of biting off someone’s face, but “R” is beginning to feel, think and even talk more than just communicating with subtle grunts, head nods and walking into people.

“R” (not knowing his real name) wanders through an abandoned airport along with other lost souls, but is constantly plagued with the question: Do they think and feel like me?

“R” glances at the faces both young and old and wonders where they are going, how they got there and what will eventually become of them.

If the zombies were to give up their life, they would start to decay down to their bones and become horrific creatures that resemble the zombies from “I Am Legend.”

These creatures, called “bonies,” are the most evil creatures that rule the diseased planet. They go after anything with a slight heartbeat, even zombies.

Across the city there is still human civilization that lies behind a thick, unbreakable wall. It’s there that the general’s rebellious daughter, Julie, played by Teresa Palmer, ventures out on a rescue mission and comes face to face with a zombie attack. In it, her boyfriend and friends are killed and she is unwillingly saved by “R.”

“R” protects her, even after countless runaway attempts and in the process he learns how to fully feel again and even love.

He protects her out of guilt, love and loneliness. Even zombies like to have company, but then again he is not the most typical zombie character.

He enjoys a good vinyl record and can be considered something of a hoarder, but there is no one to stop him from taking things.

When he sets out to save the remainder of the human race behind the wall, he shows how good zombies can be when they team up against the bonies.

From this realization and film, the zombies are able to cure themselves and become integrated with humans again.
This film is comic, romantic and mostly heartfelt. It portrays an unnatural love that can make even the most cynical viewers believe in a happy ending.

It has all the aspects of a good movie with a solid story line, interesting characters, humor and love.

It has an amazing soundtrack and recognizable actors such as Rob Corddry and Dave Franco.

It’s the perfect movie for date night or a girls’ night out. The versatility of this film is incredible and it can appeal to a wide range of audiences.

“Even in the most vile creatures you can find good and if you’re lucky, their heart.”

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