Stefan Paine. He has two distinct personalities. One incident will be burned in my mind forever though.

It happened six years ago one morning during the fall semester of my sophomore year at Davidson University… I walked up the gigantic stairs to the academic buildings as I felt the humid breeze against my face. Once I got to the top stair, I bumped into Stefan.

His short dark blond hair and slightly unshaven appearance really made him pop. He sported his usual American Eagle short-sleeved shirt and basketball shorts, which were ultimately accompanied by white sneakers.
Stefan smiled at me. “Hi Dylan.”

I took a deep breath. “I’ve actually been meaning to talk to you.”

He furrowed his eyebrows at me in an inquisitive fashion. “About what?”

“I just can’t be your friend anymore,” I declared.

Stefan shot me a confused look. “I don’t understand.”

I know I looked pretty serious.

“Sure you do. I know you aren’t a mean person but you are the biggest bullshit artist that I have ever met. You will tell me exactly what I want to hear but you don’t have any intention of being genuine.”

Stefan looked a little taken aback by the comment.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me,” I declared. I was definitely determined to stand my ground and not let Stefan sweet talk his way out of this one.

An awkward silence ensued for a few seconds.

I decided to continue. “It really hurts, Stefan. Don’t you realize that actions have consequences? You make all these grand claims, yet you don’t follow through.”

He looked like he was getting a bit irritated. “How dare you, Dylan!”

I practically growled at him.

“First, you claim that I am your good friend, yet you and Mason talked about going to a party without me right in front of me. If you didn’t want me to come, fine, but don’t talk about it in front of me.”

I continued, “Then you flaked on my birthday dinner, and tried to turn the tables on me. That was really awful of you. I didn’t even care about celebrating my birthday. I just wanted to hang out with friends. If you didn’t want to be bothered, fine, but you shouldn’t be insincere.”

Stefan once again remained silent as I could only imagine what he was thinking.

The truth continued to flow from my mouth. I was just that angry. I couldn’t let it go.

“And then you acted like a phony in the second semester of last year. I mean it was nice we hung out once but you completely blew off hanging out a second time. And it wasn’t like it was short notice. You had several weeks to pick a time that was good to hang out yet you blew that off. And you know what? That really hurt.”

I was really getting mad now. “And then a couple weeks ago you offered to hang out but you were completely insincere and said you would have hung but you didn’t know what you were doing. Well, newsflash, it’s rude to imply that you have better things to do than to hang out with someone. But I shouldn’t have to take a hint though. I deserve the truth. I mean you really confuse the hell out of me. How can you pretend to be nice and make an effort to text but you never want to be bothered in person?”

His jaw dropped a little bit. “I don’t know what you want me to say…”

I could feel my face getting more and more red.

“But do you want to know the worst thing of all? Every time I think I’m done with you, you suck me right back into this bullshit with your phony charm.”

“Look, things happen,” pleaded Stefan.

I let out a cynical laugh.

“Sure, sometimes a thing might happen but multiple things, I don’t think so! I think I deserve better. Because the fact is, you really hurt me.”
He shot me a borderline phony apologetic look.

“Look, you have to believe me. I never meant to hurt you.”

I shot him a poisonous look. “I don’t have to do anything, Stefan. I’m sorry. I just can’t be friends anymore. I just don’t trust you.”

I then proceeded to walk away from him. I didn’t even give him an opportunity to respond. Stefan just didn’t deserve it.

The fact was I didn’t want to be right about him being a phony. I wanted him to prove me wrong. But the sad thing was that would never happen.

“Dylan, come back! There are things you don’t understand,” replied Stefan in a desperate tone.

I continued to walk away from him.

I was so over the fake friendship.

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