Student reflects on boating around Amsterdam

Jessica Tondt

Senior Editor


The breeze washed over my face as I stared out onto the water. It was a cool evening, but a very beautiful night to be boating around the canals. There was just enough daylight left for us to make out the people on the sidewalks. Some of them glanced at us as they made their way over the bridges. There was a bridge just about every block and the canals went through many of the main areas in Amsterdam.

We passed by a few of the well-known attractions, such as the Heineken Experience, the Anne Frank House and the Red Light District. Seeing the attractions and the streets from the water was a whole new perspective I had never imagined that I would experience. My friend Samantha is the one who suggested we grab pizza, rent a boat and picnic out on the water; and, boy, was it a fantastic idea.

Each street we passed looked so similar to the last. The houses aligning the streets were packed closely together, but built tall. The houses were neutrally colored with a few red houses here and there. There were also houses in the canal! Houses that were only a room or two wide that floated on the water. You could see right in to the houses from the boat. Some houses had decks, some had boats attached, and others seemed abandoned.

After we passed by so many tiny streets and attractions, it started to get darker. The sun was lowering in the sky, emitting gorgeous rays of reds and yellows. The colors seemed to fill the sky. The water in front of us soaked up the sun’s rays and reflected the colors as well.

Sitting in this boat in the middle of Amsterdam watching a beautiful sunset was quite surreal. Nothing in the world seemed to matter except for watching this sunset. When the sun had finally disappeared, all my worries and responsibilities were carried away with it.

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