Students use Instagram, recipe book to take meals into their own hands

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Students at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Florham Campus have taken meals into their own hands, creating an Instagram account and recipe book to spread original recipe ideas.

A couple of months ago, sophomore Andrew Remeniski decided to mix some sauces together in the Florham Campus Dining Hall and post it on Snapchat. After that, friends of his suggested that he create an Instagram account so that his creativity in the kitchen could be put to good use.

“It just kind of blew up from there,” he said. Since the first post on Jan. 25, the account has gained 77 followers and counting.

Remeniski runs the account by himself, but encourages other students to get involved by submitting recipes to him or posting them to their own accounts and tagging #fducafhacks. He mentioned how much fun he has while coming up with new recipes to share with his followers.

“Most recipes come from the spur of the moment. It’s usually what I’m in the mood for. I test it out on my friends first before I post anything,” said Remeniski, whose first post on the account was for pasta sauce.

A recipe book located at the Wok Station in the Dining Hall was created by sophomore Erika Marohn a few weeks ago. The book contains different – sometimes larger and more complicated – recipes to make at the station. For example, there is a recipe for strawberry syrup, in case students want more than the occasional chocolate syrup provided at the dessert bar.

Like the Instagram account, the recipe book is available to all students and is another fun and relatively easy way for students to make their dining options more enjoyable.

Like Remeniski, Marohn was given the idea for the book by a friend who helps her format and put together the final product.

When asked about the book and the Instagram account, Joe Lasala, retail and marketing manager for the Dining Hall, said the students did ask permission to display the book at the Wok Station and that he has glanced through it. He was, however, unaware of the Instagram page’s existence.

Lasala also mentioned that the staff thought it was a good idea to have a book of recipes that the students create.

“The happier the kids are, the better our job is,” he said, adding that he wouldn’t mind promoting the Instagram account if it would improve the experience of the students.

As far as a collaboration between the book and Instagram is concerned, both Remeniski and Marohn mentioned that it is definitely a possibility.

“They could benefit each other greatly,” said Remeniski.

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