FDU, which prides itself as being a leader in global education, offers many courses that allow students the opportunity to study abroad for short periods of time.
FDU has sent students abroad to Spain, Peru and Costa Rica, to name a few.
This Spring Break, ten students, led by Professor Stephen Hollis, had a unique opportunity to travel to London and study theater.
“The London Theater Experience” is a three-credit course offered to all students and all majors, according to Hollis, who is from London. Before traveling to London, students studied two plays that they then got to see performed live.
“Thanks to Stephen’s vast knowledge of London’s theatrics, we were able to experience a great deal more of personal contact than we would have with someone less aware,” said senior Alex Pepperman, who is in the course.
In London, the students saw seven live plays, including “Waiting for Godot,” “Enron” and “War Horse.”
Students also got the opportunity to attend an acting workshop at the famous Globe Theatre and got a backstage tour of the National Theatre, according to senior Heather Lonergan.
“Aside from the obvious theater-going, we went to a few museums such as the Victoria and Albert and The New Tate,” said Pepperman. “We [also] ate at wonderful pubs to get a feel for culture.”
This is the fourth year that Hollis has offered the course. For the first three years, Hollis said he partnered up with a colleague from Montclair State and students from both colleges went on the trip.
“This year we did it alone,” said Hollis. “I hope to continue doing it on a yearly basis.”
The only complaint Hollis had was the time span spent in London. “We were terribly rushed,” he said. “But in this economy, we just can’t afford to spend any longer. I try to keep the cost under $2,500.”
Despite the extremely structured one-week span, Hollis said he has gotten a lot of positive feedback from the students who have gone.
“Every museum, theater and notable area we visited was a learning experience unlike any other,” said Pepperman.
Lonergan, who is a psychology major, learned to look at theater in a new way.
“Personally, this course taught me to understand theater more and its many possibilities,” she said. “It was a truly wonderful experience to study and discuss the different plays, then to be able to see them live in one of the most theatrical cities in the world.”

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