Travel tips: What to pack for Wroxton

Jessica Tondt

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Congratulations! You were accepted to attend Wroxton College. Now what? When you are going away on vacation, you only need to think about a week ahead in terms of weather and the activities you will be doing. When living in another country for four months, you need to think of many more possibilities. This list will help you narrow down the essential items you will need when packing to go to Wroxton College.

1. Rain boots: Rain boots are an absolute essential in surviving day to day life in England. If you do not already have rain boots, I would suggest going out and buying a sturdy pair because you will be using them, a lot! The weather in England tends to be a constant rain. You do NOT want to be caught off-guard when you step out of the airport and in multiple puddles, ruining your favorite Converse. Go buy yourself a pair of cute, but durable, rain boots.

2. Umbrella: Just in case I did not emphasis enough the amount of rain that England gets, here it goes again. You will most likely want to carry around an umbrella every time you leave the abbey. The rain tends to act differently than it does in New Jersey. In New Jersey, there might be a complete downpour for an hour and then the skies clear up for the rest of the day. In England, there is a constantly light rain that persists all day. Walking around in England all day will be a drag if you are dripping wet. So keep dry and pack your umbrella.

3. Portable charger: Attending Wroxton College is not just about going to class. It’s about going on the weekend trips and walking around different countries for hours at a time. When you are out in the middle of a city trying to figure out directions and post pictures on social media, your phone battery is going to drain fast. Having a portable charger with you will make life so much easier for you and your travel buddies. Don’t make your friends stop and sit at a café so you can plug in your phone. Carry a portable charger with you and charge your phone on the go without missing anything.

4. Adapter: Yes, the outlets look different in England. No, you cannot jam your plug into the socket. You need an adapter to convert your plug. This is a very simple item that is truly an essential item to remember to pack. Without an adapter, you will not be able to charge any of your devices and you won’t be able to brag to anyone back home about all the fun you are having abroad. If you forget to pack your adapter, don’t worry. Wroxon College does have a few adapters for you to rent out for the semester. Their supplies are limited, though. I would suggest purchasing your own, especially if you are interested in traveling again in the future!

5. Credit card: Not a debit card, but a credit card. Conversion rates are often cheaper if you pay with your credit card, depending on the company you have a card with. Plus, you do not have to do the conversion in your head at the cash register; your credit card company does it for you! Credit cards are also helpful in keeping track of your spending. If you keep withdrawing money from the ATM, it’s hard to keep track of what you are actually spending that money on. Instead, use your credit card when buying things so that you can review your statement later and see where you might have to cut back. Also, you are going to need your credit card for booking those flights and hotels to the different countries!

6. Favorite sweater: Bring a little bit of home with you by packing your favorite, warmest sweater. When it’s cold outside and you cozy up in your long sleeves, you will be comforted by the warmth and by memories from back home. Although the winters in England are not as cold as the winters in North Jersey, it still gets chilly no matter what semester you attend. Pack your favorite sweater and your winter coat because you are going to need them.

7. Headphones: Headphones are a must! We all know our generation loves music, but not everyone likes the same music. Don’t be that person who blasts music on the bus. Pack your headphones for those long bus rides to the various trips you are going to take Bring your headphones for those plane rides you will be taking to other countries. Not only can you use your headphones for listening to music, but you can download your favorite shows on Netflix and watch them on you rides too. Trust me, everyone will thank you for packing your headphones.

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