Zeta Beta Tau holds annual Airband Contest

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On April 18, Zeta Beta Tau hosted its annual Airband Contest in the Florham Campus cafeteria. Airband, an entertainment contest where contestants from each Greek organization on campus compete with self-choreographed dance moves and lip syncing skills, is Zeta Beta Tau’s major event of the year. Through this event, the fraternity raises the most money for its designated charity, the Children’s Miracle Network.

Usually Airband contestants are in groups of three or more performers. This year, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Delta Phi Epsilon, Zeta Tau Alpha, Zeta Beta Tau and Theta Phi Alpha participated in the event. “The Three Musketeers” act performed by three members of Theta Phi Alpha took home the 2017 Airband trophy.

“This year we had a total of nine performances, including two groups with our own brothers,” said David Vance, a brother of Zeta Beta Tau.

The numbers consisted of popular-song mashups that engaged and entertained the crowd all evening. “It was so fun to sit in the audience and watch all the groups from the different organizations. I was there to watch my sorority’s three groups, but was thoroughly entertained by each and every one of them,” said Alexa Vandepoll, sister of Zeta Tau Alpha.

“The fraternity groups were exVictoria Pompa Contributor tra fun to watch because boys really get into the dance moves and have no shame,” she went on to say.

Airbands has been a lasting tradition here at Fairleigh Dickinson University, and many people look forward to it each year.

“Participating in Airbands has been such a huge deal in the Greek community. At first, I was a little apprehensive, but then once I got on stage with my sisters, all of my nerves disappeared and I was just enjoying my time on stage,” said Alexandrea Rose Keely, sister of Zeta Tau Alpha. “It didn’t even matter to me that we didn’t place. I was just happy to be bonding with my sisters and raising money for ZBT’s awesome philanthropy.”

Hannah Rose Flynn, one of the members of the winning “The Three Musketeers” performance, was excited to be a part of Airband with her sisters and win the coveted Airband champion title. “I’ve always loved dancing and having fun on stage since I have a background of dance, so Airband was the perfect way to do that with my best friends,” Flynn said. “I was completely ecstatic after we won!

We came in second place last time and though we weren’t expecting any big win this semester because the other groups were so good, it felt great hearing our name announced!” Zeta Beta Tau’s successful Airband competition is one of many more to come in the future, so the Greek community can dance and lip sync the night away

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