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The 90s babies have waited patiently and now the time has finally come. After 10 long years of being left on a cliff-hanger, we can finally find out what Zoey said about Chase in the time-capsule.

On Sept. 18, 2005, Nickelodeon aired the infamous time capsule episode of “Zoey 101.” In this episode, Zoey, played by Jamie Lynn Spears, and her friends are assigned to choose things to bury in a time capsule that would be opened 20 years later.

Logan, the pretty boy of the group played by Matthew Underwood, puts in a picture of himself, signing it “Dear hot girls of the future, you’re welcome.” Chase, played by Sean Flynn, and Michael, played by Christopher Massey, write a song about their lives at PCA.

Zoey admits that she recorded thoughts about her friends on a DVD for the time capsule. When Zoey won’t tell Chase what she said about him, he digs up the DVD and begins watching it. After a few words, Chase stops the DVD and decides he should wait the 20 years. At the end of the episode, Zoey gives Chase permission to watch the DVD in 10 years.

Saturday, Sept. 18, 2015, was exactly 10 years after that episode aired, and Nickelodeon treated all of the “Zoey 101” fans to a five-minute video that divulged what was said on the DVD.

The video opens up with Chase proposing to a blonde-haired girl at a restaurant. My initial reaction, as I’m sure was the same reaction from many other devout fans, was “Who the heck is that blonde actress? Are they really trying to replace Jamie Lynn and think we won’t notice?”

All is assured when Chase gets down on one knee, takes the blonde’s hand and says, “Zoey,” coughs, then correctly says “Alyssa.”

The entire generation of young adults can rest now that it is known no actress will replace Jamie Lynn Spears, but there is still some panic about why Chase would be proposing to another girl. Clearly, he is still in love with Zoey.

All of a sudden, Michael comes running into the restaurant and tells Chase that he dug up the DVD. There is a flashback clip from the original episode, and we’re brought back to simpler times when “Zoey 101” was in its prime. Michael proceeds to read his transcription of the DVD to Chase.

As Michael opens his mouth to speak, we realize that this is the moment we have all been waiting for. This is why we have held our breath for the past 10 years. Finally, Michael reads the last part of Zoey’s speech. It says, “All I know for sure is Chase is really special to me and, who knows, maybe he’s even my soul mate!”
Chase starts screaming and cheering, and we start screaming and cheering along with him. FINALLY. All hope in humanity is restored. Anything is now possible.

“Zoey 101” was our childhood. We would come home from 4th grade, with our Lisa Frank folders in hand, and instantly turn on Nick while waiting for dinner to be ready. We were heartbroken when the series ended. Though we grew up and found other shows to occupy our time, we always had a hope in the bottom of our hearts that one day Chase and Zoey would get together.

This five-minute video that the creators have so graciously blessed us with is a continuation of our childhood into our adulthood. It gives us a sense of home and reminds us to enjoy the little things in life. One of the little things is the quirky, simple jokes, popular in childhood shows during the early 2000s, that had made a reappearance in the short.

We are also reminded that anything is possible in the game of love. After 10 years of carrying around a portrait of a girl in your back pocket (yes, Chase actually does that), you can find out that she had the same feelings as you in middle school.

We are given a lot of hope for the future in this small episode, but there are still a lot of questions unanswered. Like, where is Zoey? How will she feel about Chase after 10 years? Will the series return to Nick?

Luckily, at the end of the video the big bold letters of “to be continued…” flash onto the screen. We will have to hold our breaths just a few moments longer, before we can finally lay “Zoey 101” to rest.

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