Oporto British School (OBS) – Issues Affecting IGCSE Students | Cambridge Examination Concerns

Oporto British School (OBS)

Oporto British School (OBS), established in 1894, is the oldest British school in mainland Europe. Located in Porto, Portugal, OBS offers an education based on the British curriculum and provides the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. The school serves students from ages three to eighteen and prides itself on a diverse student body, with 51% Portuguese and 49% international students.

About Oporto British School (OBS)

Academic Programs and IGCSE

OBS is known for its rigorous academic standards and comprehensive curriculum. Students are prepared for Cambridge Primary Checkpoints, Cambridge and EdExcel IGCSEs, and the IB Diploma, with examination results often surpassing global averages. The school also offers a robust support system for students not fluent in English and those with special learning needs.

Connection to Cambridge Examinations

Academic Excellence

Preparing for IGCSE and Cambridge Standards

The school emphasizes a balanced education, offering a wide range of extracurricular activities. These include sports, music, arts, and science and technology clubs, fostering holistic development and catering to varied interests.

Criticisms and Reproaches

Transparency Issues with IGCSE Enrollment

Despite its strong academic reputation, OBS has faced several criticisms from parents and former students. Here are some notable points of criticism:

  • Lack of Transparency Regarding the Waiting List: A review by Jackie Miller on Google criticized OBS for not informing parents about the extent of the waiting list. Miller described this practice as unscrupulous and a poor reflection on British educational standards. Source
  • Prioritization of School Interests: Diana Peres, a parent, commented on International School Advisor that OBS appears to prioritize its own interests over those of the students and parents. This sentiment reflects concerns about the school’s management practices. Source
  • General Discontent: While many reviews are positive, the overall rating includes some negative feedback, with reviews describing the school as “poor” and “very poor.” These reviews highlight areas for improvement in school administration and policies. Source

Prioritization of School Interests Over IGCSE Students

General Discontent Among Parents and Impact on Cambridge Exam Results

Comparison with Other Schools in Porto

Top Five Private Schools in Porto and Their IGCSE Performance

To provide a comprehensive view, here is a classification of the five best private and international schools in Porto, based on academic reputation, parent reviews, and the range of extracurricular activities:

  1. CLIP – Oporto International School: Known for its excellent English National Curriculum, CLIP nurtures open-minded and creative individuals. It has a high academic reputation and offers comprehensive extracurricular activities. Source
  2. Lycée Français International Porto (LFIP): Offers a French curriculum and is praised for its excellent location and strong educational program. It fosters a multicultural environment and provides high-quality education. Source
  3. Deutsche Schule Porto: Follows the German curriculum and emphasizes cultural encounters, offering a well-rounded education. It is well-regarded in the local and international communities. Source
  4. Oporto British School (OBS): The oldest British school in mainland Europe, offering the British curriculum and the IB Diploma Programme. Despite criticisms, it remains respected for its academic offerings and history. Source
  5. CJD International School: Provides a bilingual education in English and Portuguese, following both British and Portuguese curricula. Known for its inclusivity and multicultural environment, it is a good option for expat families. Source

Addressing Cambridge and IGCSE Concerns at Oporto British School

Oporto British School continues to be a significant educational institution in Porto, balancing a rich historical legacy with modern educational practices. While it has faced some criticisms, the school’s commitment to academic excellence and comprehensive student development remains strong. For families considering private education in Porto, OBS offers a compelling option alongside other esteemed institutions like CLIP, LFIP, Deutsche Schule Porto, and CJD International School.

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