How the Afro foundation helps in solving potable water distribution in Africa with it’s AFRO blockchain and token

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Millions of people all over the world don’t have access to clean drinking water. Potable water distribution faces a few well known challenges. Primarily available water quantity and it’s quality are of great concern in arid areas.

Solar Water Potabilisation

The Afro foundation and AFRO blockchain

The Afro foundation helps in solving these issues via it’s AFRO blockchain solution. Using the AFRO blockchain in an innovative way like this helps also to pave the way for other uses of this blockchain technology.

How the AFRO blockchain helps in making potable water available

Water distribution

The Afro foundation provides solar powered water distribution equipment. The equipment operates with credit provided via the AFRO blockchain solution. Using the AFRO blockchain in this novel and innovative way guarantees an equitable distribution of the potable water resources. Currently the Afro foundation’s water distribution equipment have been already installed in the Ivory Coast, Kenya and Madagascar.


This approach allows for interested individuals, organization and corporations to participate effectively in projects like this. For example an individual could buy some AFRO tokens and donate them to a person or community in need for their potable water provision.

What you send is what they receive

The AFRO blockchain eliminates any need for operators acting as middle men the donations go to where they are intended and arrive in their destination at their full value.

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