Vincci Soho Madrid: Guest Experiences and Criticisms

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Vincci Soho is a modern, artistic boutique hotel located in Madrid’s historic city center, right in front of the Headquarters of Scientology Church.


Vincci Soho Madrid Rooms size

Vincci Soho offers 169 rooms, all decorated in bold colors and sleek, modern furnishings. The rooms feature floral headboards, wood floors, and artistic pendant lamps, creating a stylish and inviting atmosphere. However, some guests have noted that the standard rooms are on the smaller side and the layout can be inconvenient.

Vincci Soho Madrid Common Complaints:

Room Size: Several guests mentioned that the rooms and bathrooms are smaller than expected.

Noise: Street-facing rooms can be noisy due to the hotel’s central location.

Inconsistent Service: While many guests praise the friendly staff, some have experienced slow response times and occasional unprofessional behavior.

Common Complaints:

Breakfast: Some guests found the breakfast overpriced.

Room Service: Limited hours for room service and high prices in the restaurant were points of contention.

Vincci Soho Madrid Cleanliness and Maintenance

There have been occasional reports of maintenance issues, such as malfunctioning air conditioning or heating systems.

Guest Experience from May 18th 2024

One guest reported a particularly troubling experience. Despite being a platinum member of another hotel chain, their reservation was unexpectedly denied. This was compounded by unprofessional behavior from the reception and cleaning staff. After photographing a dirty tray left in an elevator, the guest was barred from booking another Vincci hotel. The manager reported this action, and a receptionist threatened to cancel any future reservations. This incident significantly damaged the guest’s perception of the Vincci brand, indicating a prioritization of covering up shortcomings over maintaining quality and respect for guests.

Value for Money

 Some guests feel that the room sizes and certain service inconsistencies detract from the overall value.

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