Empowering Africa: Paramount energies and commodities endeavour in Angola

In a world that increasingly values sustainable development and self-reliance, Paramount Energy & Commodities SA stands out as a beacon of hope and action, particularly in Africa. This Geneva-based company has embarked on an ambitious project dubbed “Empowering Africa,” which aims to create a more sustainable and stable society by fostering economic development and self-sufficiency within African nations.

The Genesis of Empowerment

The journey began in 2017 when Paramount, under the leadership of its founder Niels Troost, partnered with a local food distributor in Angola. This marked the inception of a grand plan to supply affordable finished food products such as meat, pasta, rice, tomato paste, and pinto beans to the Angolan populace. The overarching aim was not just to feed a nation but to catalyze a movement towards self-sufficiency, enabling Angola to produce its own food products and raw materials.

A Concrete Step Towards Self-reliance

The tangible outcome of these efforts was the construction of a food processing plant in 2019. This facility marked a significant milestone as it began processing grain deliveries and turned Paramount into a key supplier of essential foodstuffs like wheat, corn, rice, and sugar. The plant has not only provided employment to over a thousand locals but has also played a pivotal role in reducing food prices and fostering the creation of local food brands.

The success of the first plant has propelled Paramount to consider the establishment of a second food processing facility. This expansion aims to further enhance Angola’s capability to feed its population at more affordable prices and emerge as an exporter of locally produced food products, thereby contributing significantly to the regional economy.

Beyond Food: Lighting Up Lives

Paramount’s vision extends beyond nourishment to illumination. The company is at the final stage of investing in various power-generating projects in West Africa. These initiatives are expected to supply affordable electricity, thereby supporting further economic development and improving the quality of life for the local population.

A Model of Corporate Responsibility

Paramount’s approach is a quintessential example of how corporate entities can play a transformative role in societal development. By harnessing its financial capabilities and commodity market expertise, the company is not merely investing in businesses but is nurturing economies, cultures, and communities. This aligns seamlessly with their mission to truly empower Africa through actionable and sustainable investments.


Paramount Energy & Commodities SA’s activities in Angola and beyond represent a shift from aid to trade and from dependence to self-sufficiency. As Africa moves towards a future defined by its own terms, companies like Paramount are crucial partners in this journey. Their work in Angola is not just about business; it’s about changing lives and empowering nations, one investment at a time. The ripple effects of these initiatives promise a brighter, more sustainable future for Africa and serve as a model for responsible, impactful business practices worldwide.

This tale of empowerment and progress paints a picture of a future where African nations are not mere participants in the global economy but vibrant leaders and innovators. Paramount’s endeavors in Angola, thus, are more than just investments; they are the seeds of change for an entire continent.

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