"News is the first rough draft of history."

The Voice of the College at Florham

"News is the first rough draft of history." - The Voice of the College at Florham

Membership cap limits sororities


Whenever Greek recruitment takes place on the FDU Florham Campus, interested students meet up with the current sorority and fraternity members so that both parties can see what is the right fit for them. However, for some students looking forward to rushing this year, new rules might make the process more difficult.
As of the Fall 2013 semester, a rule was put into place at the Florham Campus subjecting four major sororities that belong to the National Pan-Hellenic Council – or NPC – to a membership limit.
The effect is fully taking place this academic year. Continue reading

‘Tusk’ review: Bizarre horror entry from director Smith

Entertainment Editor

As I sit here typing at this review, my first since returning from Wroxton, I realize something:
I could not have picked a stranger film for my first review back at FDU – one where I’ll never look at walruses the same way again.
In his new film “Tusk,” Kevin Smith returns to the director’s chair after being absent for three long years. Continue reading

More renovations still to come for Barn and Dreyfuss theater


Over the past year, the Fairleigh Dickinson University Florham Campus has undergone countless renovations. Some of the biggest projects include changes to two different performance spaces – The Barn and the main stage in Dreyfuss. Several members of the FDU community have worked tirelessly on the two projects, including professors and students. Continue reading

Professor discusses new novel


On Sept. 16, FDU’s own René Steinke, director of the MFA program in creative writing, discussed and read from her new novel, “Friendswood.”
A group of staff and students gathered in the Orangerie to hear Steinke’s account of writing her book, which explores the impact of disaster on a small town. Friendswood, Texas, is Steinke’s actual hometown. Continue reading

Personal essay: Student finds solace in classical music

News Editor

I feel the rhythm of the music pushing me, making my fingers move across the keys like a piano and the music I make are now the poems I read. I often close my eyes and just listen, like I do for poetry and feel the cords. Hearing classical music takes my whole body over, it makes my poetry better; stronger. I never knew that a genre of music can make me feel this way, but now I can’t imagine not having it be part of my writing process. It helps me take my work to a whole new level, and in a way has forced me to change my voice. Continue reading

Clubs at FDU learn about changes to budget system


Student leaders of FDU’s clubs recently learned of a new plan being implemented for the way their budgets are handled.
Most of the official clubs on campus will be given an initial budget of $300 this semester. From there, any time the organization wants money for an event, the executive board leaders must request the amount from the SGA Financial Board and Student Comptroller Evan Angstreich. Continue reading

Analysis of student film: Why female directors are important


Over the course of three weeks this summer in the quiet town of Chestnut Hill, Penn., FDU students led by professor David Landau worked together to create the film “Stray” – the story of a killer who seeks to settle down in a small town. It originated as a short film that Landau and FDU students shot in the past, which was accepted as a part of the Emerging Narrative Program at the Independent Filmmaker Project – one of the oldest independent film organizations.
This time, however, “Stray” was turned into a feature length film.
With student director Nena Eskridge heading up the project and Landau co-producing, students like Alex Price, Maggie Kaszuba, Roxy Barrett and Danica Carothers took on different roles and tasks in the production. These students fulfilled the jobs of assistant director, assistant camera and more in order to bring the film together behind the scenes, while hired actors such as Michelle Page, Annie Corley and Aaron Lustig performed on screen. Continue reading

Short story: A complicated past in a small town

Staff Writer

A gust of wind howled in the background as Liam walked up to the bar. He was currently standing on the massive acres of the Ridge Brook Country Club. It was the annual Founder’s Day Party. Liam grabbed a pre poured glass of champagne that was on the bar counter. The liquid fell into his mouth as a burning sensation pricked his throat. It wasn’t long before the alcohol trickled down into his stomach. A scorching sensation lingered for another moment. Continue reading

Florham Campus renovates in time for new academic year


This past summer, many renovations and improvements took place at Fairleigh Dickinson’s Florham Campus; several more are still awaiting completion, including The Barn, the stage and the Governor Codey room in the Mansion.
University Provost Peter Woolley discussed FDU’s long list of improvements with great excitement.
“It’s great to see these improvements; it’s very satisfying to see before and after and know that people are going to get the use of them,” Woolley said. “It’s going to be good for the students, it’s going to be good for the audience and for the professors.” Continue reading