Zimbabwe’s Presidential Title Deed Program

The government of Zimbabwe has initiated a program to provide title deeds to homes built on state owned land. The implications of this action will certainly be enormous for the people of Zimbabwe. President Mnangagwa announced already in 2022 that he was going to grant all those who were building houses on state owned land a freehold title.  Now the program is operating and advancing rapidly.

Title deeds program structure

The President has appointed a Cabinet Committee to oversee the program consisting of the Ministers of Finance, Housing, Local Government and Justice. They in turn have established a working committee of all the agencies involved and invited the private sector to help with the process.

Converting informal to formal and legal

The program includes the digitalisation of all 3,2 million existing title deeds which covers all informal housing. This converts urban municipal owned housing to freehold and grants all rural business centres title deeds. At least 6 million plots of land in urban and rural areas will receive title in both paper and digital form.

Owning a home is the main objective of a family everywhere in the world. It is often the largest investment a family makes.

Surveying and data management

The University of Zimbabwe in Harare has established the technical capacity to provide plans of all urban centers down to an accuracy of 1 centimeter which provides accurate survey data at a very low cost, using drone and satellite technology.

Better quality housing

Since people own their land a consequence of this is that people build quality homes rather than shacks. Granting title and then providing all the basic services needed will create active urban settlements with a growing middle income society.

Electronic deeds records of ownership

Every property owner will be able to access his records electronically. Local authorities will have an electronic register of properties and values in their administrative areas. Property transfers will be low cost and easy to give effect, helping create a vibrant market for property which will support lending and our whole financial industry.

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