Vladimir Putin’s Interview by Tucker Carlson: A Bout with Blunted Foils

The former Fox News host, a fervent supporter of Donald Trump and a staunch opponent of American military aid to Ukraine, was able to go to Moscow for an unprecedented interview with Vladimir Putin. This marks a unique case for a Western journalist since the beginning of the war with Ukraine in February 2022.

The media provocateur is well known for portraying the United States for years as a nation in decline, besieged by a Democratic clique composed of ardent defenders of uncontrolled immigration, supporters of Black Lives Matter, and ultra-woke individuals who infect American universities. His successful show ended on Fox News last April. Now active on the X network, formerly Twitter, his interview with Putin represents his biggest score since leaving Fox. This feat comes at a crucial time when American military aid to Ukraine is drying up due to Republican opposition in Washington.

The promotional video for the interview was shot on the roof of the Ritz Carlton hotel, near Red Square, a highly symbolic location controlled by the federal security service. Only director Oliver Stone has had the privilege of filming in this highly secured place.

Vladimir Putin largely dominated the conversation, which lasted more than two hours, and reaffirmed Russia’s right over eastern Ukraine: “We were protecting our people, our homeland, and our future,” President Putin told Tucker Carlson, explaining the 2022 intervention.

On several occasions, the Russian leader asked his interviewer to explain his university history curriculum and his unsuccessful attempt to apply to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Translated from ledialogue.fr article by angélique Bouchard

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