Dancers Ashley Everett and Jasmine Harper Lead the Way in Wellness

When Jasmine Harper initially conceived an idea to help others, it was a small seed of inspiration compared to the flourishing tree it has now become. This professional dancer, who gained fame on “So You Think You Can Dance” and later graced the stage with renowned artists like Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and Usher, had a vision of empowering individuals through movement.

Her journey took a significant turn when she joined forces with her close friends, fellow professional dancer Ashley Everett, and publicist Randy Bonds. “It kind of snowballed,” Harper told CNN, reflecting on the evolution of their mission. “We discovered that we were all aligned on this wellness journey. We thought, how about inviting everyone else on their wellness journey into a space where we can all just thrive together?”

This shared vision led to the birth of Be> (Be Greater), a lifestyle and wellness brand dedicated to helping people liberate themselves from self-imposed limitations. Be> achieves this through interactive retreats, workshops, and a captivating podcast.

Ashley Everett, known to the Bey Hive (Beyoncé’s hardcore fan base) as Beyoncé’s longtime dance captain, has been celebrated for her high-profile work. Her contributions, including the iconic “Single Ladies” music video and her involvement in numerous Beyoncé tours, have left a lasting mark on the world of dance. However, when Everett decided to step away from the “Renaissance Tour” to focus on her own brand, it raised some eyebrows among Beyoncé’s devoted followers.

In Everett’s own words, “I feel like in 2020 [during the pandemic] is when my mindset shifted. As a dancer, I was just dance, dance, dance my whole entire life. So sitting down for the first time and knowing that I am worth so much more without dance…I don’t have to be on the stage with this person, or do this huge job or whatever, it is to have value in myself.”

Jasmine Harper shared a similar sentiment, expressing her desire to move beyond the role of a background dancer. She sees herself and Everett as individuals who have emerged from the shadows. “Not just with Beyoncé, but just in general,” Harper explained. “We have the knowledge, we have the passion behind it. Also, we’re on this journey ourselves. We’re not just preaching it to everyone. We’re also being greater than.”

Both Harper and Everett continue to hold deep admiration for Queen Bey, even though they are not currently working with her. Beyoncé herself acknowledged Everett when she spotted her in the audience at one of her “Renaissance” shows in Atlanta.

Randy Bonds, a publicist, was accustomed to working in support of celebrity clients. However, engaging in discussions about wellness goals with Harper and Everett expanded his horizons. Bonds realized that true humility is not about lowering oneself but about confidently shining one’s light and being authentic, regardless of the role or position. This realization became a core value of their company: “In a world that often encourages people to dim their light, (BE >) believes that being authentic is a powerful force for change.”

The trio’s desire to spark change brought them to Atlanta, Georgia, on a recent Saturday, where they launched their brand with a retreat that encompassed healthy food, drink, breath work, trauma release, and conversations about what wellness truly entails. Naturally, Harper and Everett led participants in choreography, not just for exercise, but also as a lesson on how to “strut” into confidence.

Participants at the retreat were encouraged to “think out of the box” when it comes to crafting their path to wellness, rather than adhering to rigid programs that dictate every step. For Ashley Everett, wellness means making intentional lifestyle choices that benefit one’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Harper echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of walking in purpose and not allowing self-imposed limitations or external judgments to define one’s potential.

Randy Bonds emphasizes the urgency of prioritizing wellness in our lives. He stresses that the intention should be to make wellness a lifestyle that is accessible to all, rather than something deferred until retirement. Taking care of oneself now is a proactive step towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.

The journey of Jasmine Harper, Ashley Everett, and Randy Bonds in creating the Be> brand is a testament to the power of self-belief, authenticity, and the pursuit of holistic wellness. Their mission to help individuals break free from self-imposed limitations and embrace a life of purpose and well-being is inspiring. As they continue to lead by example, their impact on the world of wellness is bound to be significant.

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