Dazzling Display at 2023 Miss Universe National Costumes

The 2023 Miss Universe pageant’s preliminary competition is underway, and it’s already making headlines for its unique and culturally inspired national costumes. This year, eighty-four countries are represented in the prestigious event, held in the vibrant El Salvadoran capital of San Salvador. The competition has introduced some groundbreaking changes, with the inclusion of married contestants and transgender women, breaking new ground in the pageant’s history.

Miss Great Britain, Miss Philippines, Miss Dominican Republic, and even Miss Switzerland brought a touch of whimsy and creativity to the stage with their national costumes. But what do fighter planes, dictionaries, plantains, and the Swiss Guard have in common? Surprisingly, they all served as sources of inspiration for these remarkable costumes. Let’s delve into the details of this colorful and culturally rich display.

National Costume Inspirations

Miss Great Britain: Representing her homeland, Miss Great Britain took inspiration from fighter planes, showcasing a costume adorned with intricate metallic details, resembling the fuselage of a fighter jet. This bold choice paid homage to the nation’s history of aviation and innovation.

Miss Philippines: Miss Philippines wowed the audience with a costume inspired by dictionaries. Her outfit was a testament to the Philippines’ love for languages and literature. The dress featured pages from famous Filipino literary works, celebrating the country’s rich literary heritage.

Miss Dominican Republic: Miss Dominican Republic’s national costume drew inspiration from plantains, a staple in Dominican cuisine. Her attire was a vibrant representation of the nation’s cultural and culinary traditions, featuring plantain leaves and motifs.

Miss Switzerland: Miss Switzerland’s costume was inspired by the Swiss Guard, the renowned security force protecting the Vatican. Her regal attire mirrored the Guard’s iconic uniform, complete with vibrant colors and intricate detailing.

Diversity and Inclusivity

This year’s Miss Universe pageant has embraced diversity and inclusivity in unprecedented ways. Notably, it welcomes the first-ever married contestants, reflecting a change in the eligibility requirements. Additionally, two transgender women are proudly representing their countries: the Netherlands and Portugal. This marks a significant step towards inclusivity and recognition of gender diversity in international beauty pageants.

Trailblazing Contestants

Miss Nepal, Jane Garrett: Miss Nepal, Jane Garrett, is breaking stereotypes as one of the first “curvy” women to compete at Miss Universe. Her participation sends a powerful message of body positivity and inclusivity in the world of beauty pageants.

Erica Robin: Erica Robin is making history as the first woman to represent Pakistan at the Miss Universe pageant. Her presence is a symbol of empowerment and change, challenging traditional norms and expectations.

The Road Ahead

The preliminary competition, which began with days of rehearsals, photo shoots, charity events, and excursions, is building up to the main event. On Saturday night, the winner of the best national costume will be announced, capturing the essence of creativity and cultural pride. Moreover, the competition will unveil the new Miss Universe, who will inherit the crown from the reigning queen, R’Bonney Gabriel of the USA.

The 2023 Miss Universe pageant’s national costume competition has not only showcased stunning outfits but also celebrated diversity, inclusivity, and trailblazing contestants. As the competition reaches its pinnacle, the world eagerly anticipates the crowning moment that will define the next Miss Universe.

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